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Memories of Woolston

The newsagent in Victotia Road, Woolston back in my days as a paper boy, 1973-75, was Glandville's in between Woolworths and the off licence by the London Arms. I had the Peartree evening round, also Woolston morning covering the Archeries and Portsmouth Road area... not forgetting Sundays as well.

I was a teenager living in Woolston. A bunch of longhairs as some would call us ! I remember "The Woolie" pub having many a memerable night there...I would mention names but !! And the mornings we used to just get on the " Floatie " and ride back and forth awhile. As my gran used to in her youth. I miss my youth but i really miss "the floatie "

Woolston seems to have played quite a big part in the history of our family, so it's appropriate I guess that as an adult I have ended up living here with my Husband!! It started as far back as my great great great grandfather Boxall, my nan's granddad, who was Chief Fire Officer for Woolston for many years, he (...Read full memory)

My Grandparents lived in Oakbank Road, My Aunt lived in Laurel Road. I can remember going to work with my Nan in the evenings. She used to be a cleaner for Knaptons Bookies and Malizias Bookies (Bridge Road). My Aunt worked at the Home & Colonial along Victoria Road, my Grandfather, Uncle & Brother worked in (...Read full memory)

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