Memories of Woolston

My Grandparents lived in Oakbank Road, My Aunt lived in Laurel Road. I can remember going to work with my Nan in the evenings. She used to be a cleaner for Knaptons Bookies and Malizias Bookies (Bridge Road). My Aunt worked at the Home & Colonial along Victoria Road, my Grandfather, Uncle & Brother worked in (...Read full memory)

My father was born in 1930 and lived in Hazel Road, opposite the Supermarine factory. He left in the 1930s as his father, who was in the Navy, was moved to Coventry to become a recruiting officer. At the beginning of this year, I had the experience of taking him back to his old road, and where is house used to stand is now (...Read full memory)

My daughter and I are doing a Family Tree. We are looking for relatives of Hamish, Lydia MacDonald and son Alan Hamish MacDonald who also at times lived in Australia. We are also looking for information on George MacDonald, my great-grandfather, a one time (...Read full memory)

It was my first ever job and I think I recieved about five shillings a week. The newsagent I think is still there in Victoria Rd. But I'm talking about 1947. The shop was on the west side of Victoria Rd and the last shop before the turning into Portsmouth Rd. Leaving the shop I went along Victoria Rd and my first delivery (...Read full memory)

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