Woolwich, Royal Artillery Barracks 1962

Memories of Woolwich

Hi there, I wonder if anyone remembers a coffe house in Woolwich - all the solders on demob pinned their shoulder flashes on the wall - it was coverd in them. We were stationed at Connaught Baracks. It was said to be Flo Nightingale place that she trianed her nurses. The Hexagon bulding at the end (...Read full memory)

The Woolwich Ferry was the only way I can remember in the 1950s and 60s that we could go 'over the water ' from South to North London. I can remember trips with my Nannie as a child , catching a bus from Eltham to Woolwich and then on the Ferry when she went to visit a Methodist Church on the other side of the Thames. The (...Read full memory)

I was born in Woolwich in 1948. The things I remember of the shops in Powis St; David Greggs was where my mother would send me for ham off the bone, I also remember Biddles Fruit and Veg which was just off the High St. The R.A.C.S. Department Store where I would have my hair cut in the barbers on the top floor. There was also a (...Read full memory)

Woolwich Market ..what a hoot ! I can hear the stallkeeper at the far left there now back in 1959... 'ere y'are luv..step right up...step right up..see these 'ere brand new silk bloomers ...never seen dayloit, never seen moonloit and never seen Aunt Fanny by gasloit 'aven't these 'ere bloomers...wot'lyer (...Read full memory)

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