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Caption for Worcester Park, Central Road C1955: Worcester Park is situated north- west of Sutton along Malden Road. Until the railway arrived in 1859 the area was predominantly agricultural, with only a few farmhouses and cottages. This is a view of Central Road, originally called Cheam Common Hill. This area was extensively rebuilt in the 1930s, when a tide of semi- detached housing swept across the fields. The buildings on the right, Caldbeck Parade, were built in 1932, while on the left is the Odeon, which was built in 1936 and demolished in the 1990s.

Memories of Worcester Park, Central Road c1955

where are you sue mason ?

John Major, who lived with his parents in Longfellow Road, started school this year, 1948, in CHEAM COMMON ... which was Balmoral Road School when I was there in 1932! His father's garden ornaments were sold from the family shop in Central Road. Yes! He did become Prime Minister.

I don't know much about Worcester Park really, my dad's family (Prowses) lived in Washington Road, he was the eldest of 14 so a lot of people crammed into quite a small house. I remember him talking about an ice cream parlour and a few other places.

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