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We Come Along On Saturday Morning

A Memory of Worcester.

Do you remember the Gaumont Junior Club? For a few pennies on a Saturday morning, hundreds of local kids watched a cartoon, a newsreel, an information picture and a main feature...PLUS, there was community singing with John Bee on the mighty Wurlitzer organ. I remember that during the war, we all stood while Mr Bee played the national anthems of the countries that had been overrun by the Germans. There were often some children that had been rescued from those countries in the audience at the Gaumont.
Afterwards, if we'd seen anything with horses in it, all the small boys galloped through the town, smacking themselves on the backside to stimulate even more speed. A decent musketeer cape might be made by doing up the top button of your mac and wearing it backwards. Do please tell me you remember. "We come along on Saturday morning, greeting everybody with a smile...." All together!

With thanks to towserchilt for this memory of Worcester

Added 02 January 2017


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Remember this well, but during the late 40s/early 50s and,living on the other side of the river, it was always the St John's cinema for me and my friends. Nevertheless, the menu was much the same. There was always a serial, followed by a short cartoon then the main film. There may also have been a short newsreel but this was when we bought our sweets and ice cream.
We had iineffective usherettes, who attempted to keep unruly and excitable children in check by shining their torches along the rows accompanying this with their familiar exhortation "feet off seats!"
St. John's was somewhere I went only to visit my grandmother who lived off Comer Road. Otherwise, when you crossed the river you were in Indian territory! I'm sure the facts weren't true, but the cinema over there was always known to us sophisticated Barbourneites as the 'Bughutch' or the 'Laugh and Scratch'; but I'll bet they had the same fun that we had in those long lost days of innocence. Towser

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