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Worcester Photographic Memories

Worcester Photographic Memories

The photo 'Worcester, Battenhall Lodge 1907' appears in this book.

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Caption for Worcester, Battenhall Lodge 1907: In view of all Battenhall's Tudor connections it seems fitting that Battenhall Lodge should be Tudor in style, though built by Victorians. It was the gatehouse to Battenhall Mount, which was built as a private house but later served as a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers before it became St Mary's Convent.

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worcester, Battenhall Lodge 1907

My Grandmother, Edith Joyce Gummery, who was born in Tibberton near Worcestor was a volunteer nurse during WWI and I have an entire autograph album of hers where wounded soldiers who were housed at Battenhall Lodge signed her book.

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