Worcester, Queen Elizabeth's House 1896

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Caption for Worcester, Queen Elizabeth's House 1896: Occupying the corner of The Trinity and Trinity Street, this timber-framed survivor recalls the visit of Queen Elizabeth I to Worcester in 1575. Tradition has it that she addressed the citizens from its balcony but it is more likely it was named after her because of endowments she made to Trinity Hospital, of which this building formed a part. In 1891 it was threatened with demolition when improvements were scheduled for Trinity Passage, which ran underneath it. Fortunately, cash was raised to pay for its rescue: it was jacked up and moved on greased rails a few yards to the right.

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worcester

My Grandad lived in 8 College Street Worcester, just opposite the Cathedral. Part of the house was this room that went over the lytch gate and through to the street behind, which I think was Angel Place. The room over the lytch gate had a very eerie feel to it and Grandad (...Read full memory)

Seem to remember having my short back and sides here when I was a nipper in late 40s, early 50s. Had to go down a flight of stairs to the basement, below the tobacconists on the ground floor. Always wondered why the men were asked 'anything for the weekend sir?' and I wasn't! I would have loved a lollipop!

Do you remember the Gaumont Junior Club? For a few pennies on a Saturday morning, hundreds of local kids watched a cartoon, a newsreel, an information picture and a main feature...PLUS, there was community singing with John Bee on the mighty Wurlitzer organ. I remember that during the war, we all stood while (...Read full memory)

Went there between 1953-56, prior to going to the Tech. As far as I recall, teachers there included Bourne( Head), Jenkins (Deputy), Court, Morgan, Davies,Hooper,Mclean, Jones,Houghton. I seem to remember that Mr Morgan collapsed and died during a staff v boys soccer match. I have a photo somewhere of Eric (...Read full memory)

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