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Memories of Worcester

How many of you remember this shop at the Cathedral end of the High Street? I can recall how in the mid 50s, some of us from the Tech, at the Victoria Institute, would go there hot-foot at the end of school, to hear the latest Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly or Elvis. I remember how we would listen to any-or all - of the top (...Read full memory)

I remember at the age of twelve 1957 swimming across the river from Hylton road over to the racecourse to watch the racing on a Saturday afternoon. Five of us used to swim out to the pleasure steamers as they went up to turn below the weir and come back . Passengers threw sweets to us and waved. Another (...Read full memory)

An Uncle of my fathers Tom Maylett was the park keeper and lived at Cripplegate House and we used to visit when we went to the park and the paddling pool which was where the road is now,he had greenhouses to do all the plants fir the bedding displays,the house always had a very musty smell to it

These were good years amongst good people,although my memories of the school itself are rather mixed. I'm sure there are those out there who could add to my reminiscences. Some of the teachers at the time were 'Taffy' Elkins,? Stezaker, Fred Bushell, Les Cole, Geoff Billingham, 'Jock' Anderson and Sam (...Read full memory)

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