Worcester, The Cross 1896

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Caption for Worcester, The Cross 1896: What an evocative picture this is, taken in the days before motorised transport. Horse-drawn trams began in Worcester in 1881 with three routes, all of them passing through The Cross. The trams were single-deck and one horse-power until 1893, when updating brought double-decker cars pulled by two horses. Worcester Tramways boosted its income by turning the trams into mobile advertising hoardings for city companies such as Lewis Clarke & Co, a brewery based in Angel Place 1895-1970. The city's trams were horse-powered until 1904 when electrification put them out to grass.

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worcester

My Grandad lived in 8 College Street Worcester, just opposite the Cathedral. Part of the house was this room that went over the lytch gate and through to the street behind, which I think was Angel Place. The room over the lytch gate had a very eerie feel to it and Grandad (...Read full memory)

Seem to remember having my short back and sides here when I was a nipper in late 40s, early 50s. Had to go down a flight of stairs to the basement, below the tobacconists on the ground floor. Always wondered why the men were asked 'anything for the weekend sir?' and I wasn't! I would have loved a lollipop!

Do you remember the Gaumont Junior Club? For a few pennies on a Saturday morning, hundreds of local kids watched a cartoon, a newsreel, an information picture and a main feature...PLUS, there was community singing with John Bee on the mighty Wurlitzer organ. I remember that during the war, we all stood while (...Read full memory)

Went there between 1953-56, prior to going to the Tech. As far as I recall, teachers there included Bourne( Head), Jenkins (Deputy), Court, Morgan, Davies,Hooper,Mclean, Jones,Houghton. I seem to remember that Mr Morgan collapsed and died during a staff v boys soccer match. I have a photo somewhere of Eric (...Read full memory)

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