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West Midlands Living Memories

West Midlands Living Memories

The photo 'Wordsley, High Street c1965' appears in this book.

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Caption for Wordsley, High Street C1965: The shop next to the post office used to belong to E C Whitney, a manufacturer of clerical clothing such as cassocks, surplices and stoles. Most churches in Britain were supplied by Whitney's in the early 20th century, and there was also a sizeable export market. The property is occupied by an undertaker's today, and the post office is now a dental centre.

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Memories of Wordsley

Although I lived in Collis St, Amblecote I went to Brook St, Junior School from 1951 until I went to Audnam Secondary in 1955. I remember it had an infants school attached and the little ones would have a sleep in the afternoon. Mr.Ballinger was our Head until he retired and Mr.Cartwright took over. The (...Read full memory)

I moved to Wordsley when my father died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Old Hill, although I was born in Bradley Rd, Stourbridge in 1948. We moved to Wordsley in 57 or 58. Some of my memories are so vivid of the days I lived there. A truly magical place back then. I remember very well the demise of the (...Read full memory)

Just been reading the memories of others i.e. John Lampitt, so I thought I would share some of mine. My mother went to live in her grandfather's house in New Street in 1940 while my father was fighting the war. She lived there until 2010. She used to tell me there used to be fields at the bottom of the garden, no (...Read full memory)

I remember Fox Hill (Fox Bonk) and sliding down on cardboard in the summer and sledges in the winter. I remember John, Colin, Mike and Ian, all kids from around the 'Bullring' - Church Road, Mount Road and Ryder Street. I also remember swimming in the cut at Bell's Mill or fishing under the bridge. And the rope swing - (...Read full memory)

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