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Caption for Worsley, Bridgewater Canal, The Packet House 1889: The Packet House was a scheduled stop for passenger boats plying the Bridgewater Canal. There were different types of craft employed; the basic packet on the Warrington-Manchester run carried passengers at 1s a head. The packet service from Manchester to Liverpool via Worsley, Leigh and Wigan took fourteen hours, though meals were provided at 1s each.

An extract from Greater Manchester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worsley

I attended the old St. Marks School and use to come down the school steps, cross over and wait very close to the gatehouse for the No.9 bus to take me home, well at least to the top of Lumber Lane where I alighted and crossed over to walk down the lane home.

I remember being one of the first Guides of the 1st Worsley Guide Company founded in approx 1958/59. We used to go to Church Parade once a month and would enter the church by the main door.

My grandparents (now deceased) owned the Mill Brow Cafe from 1935 to 1947. I would be very grateful if anyone could share any memories which they may have of the cafe between these dates. Thank you.

Oh yes, I remember the cafe well. Used to come down the brow from St. Marks at lunchtime to get sherbert dips etc. The counter was high and I could only just see over the top. Also, sometimes after Sunday School at the local Methodist Church would walk home via the cafe - get an ice cream and then walk through Worsley Woods or up the main Walkden Road to home. Fond memories.

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