Worsley High School - a Memory of Worsley.

My sister and I grew up in Worsley,we went to Worsley High School in the fifties we cannot find any evidence of it's existence,we know a Fire burnt the beautiful house down in the sixties and a modern building replaced it,later it became a nursery school called by it's original name The Crow's Nest.Does any one have any information or photo's of us wearing our big boaters?.Iwas also in the girl guides at St Marks and Sunday school,Sandra my sister was married at St Marks 1967 and myself Barbara in 1969 ?Our surname was Price. I have lived abroad for many years and just recently returned to live in Cheshire.Would be really grateful if anyone has any information. Barbara Russell.

A memory shared by bkruss23 on Feb 21st, 2015.
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Fri Nov 22nd 2019, at 9:49 am
svcough commented:
Hello Joyce. I was at Worsley High School from 1946 to 1949 so we share a lot of memories. My maiden name is Susan Partington and my sister is Sally. 18 months older than me... we remember so much about Crows Nest and the teachers and pupils there at our time....so will write more when I have collected my thoughts . The headmistress at that time was a Miss Milne and the the Veerman took over when she retired.
Fri Nov 22nd 2019, at 9:49 am
svcough commented:
Hello Joyce. I was at Worsley High School from 1946 to 1949 so we share a lot of memories. My maiden name is Susan Partington and my sister is Sally. 18 months older than me... we remember so much about Crows Nest and the teachers and pupils there at our time....so will write more when I have collected my thoughts . The headmistress at that time was a Miss Milne and the the Veerman took over when she retired.
Sat Dec 1st 2018, at 4:43 am
dsummers commented:
P.S. If anyone is interested in copies I have of the school photos from the period I was there, I can be reached at dsummers@mst.edu (yep, I ended up in the US) and, since I have some scanned in already, would be glad to share - Dave Summers
Sat Dec 1st 2018, at 4:39 am
dsummers commented:
Hi, Mike Shinn:
Somewhere I have photos of us doing some short of show together. I'm David Summers and IIRC I was there from 1952 - 1955, when I went on to the Royal Grammar at Lancaster, as a boarder, just as I was at Worsley. I remember many of the names, and still have some photos (My aunt Linda was "Mrs Mac", so they have remained family photos. My sister Fiona was also there following me. )What a wonderful thing to discover. I remember talking on the phone to Valerie Patterson about the time I went to college, but alas haven't heard much of anyone for many years.
Wed Oct 10th 2018, at 6:26 pm
peter_foster70 commented:
I remember Scott and the other Rogersons. I am sure that he will remember Peter Foster as we were friends for many years. I also attended Worsley High School until 1960 and then Wardley. Great to hear of friends I have lost touch with. I lived in NZ for a few years but now live in the Peak District. My cousin Gill (Foster) was mentioned in some earlier comments. She now lives in Ambleside.
Tue May 29th 2018, at 8:50 pm
Hi, my husband is Scott Rogerson who went to Worsley High School 1954-62/3. He remembers many names mentioned. His sister, Sally, also went there and was 2 years older. She passed over in 1973 after a long illness. They lived off Lumber Lane. Their cousins Helen, Peter and Tony (Anthony) Rogerson all attended the school when they lived in Glen Avenue. All of them then went on to attend Wardley. Tony died in 2000. Thank you for sharing your memories.
Sun Jan 22nd 2017, at 2:06 pm
bkruss23 commented:
I remember Dorita Snape ,we were at school in the 50's and I left before the house sadly burned down.My name was Barbara Price ,now Russell.Also I seem to recall Dorita had an American cousin called Gonetta ,she came to the school for a short while.A strange surname I can't spell!
Thu Jan 19th 2017, at 9:54 pm
jusifoster commented:
I went to Worsley High School in 1967 when it was the new building. Mrs Lupton was the headmistress. My Aunty's brother was called Justin Snape and I think it may be the same person who was there!!!
Mon Jan 2nd 2017, at 5:41 pm
belmore8 commented:
My name is Maralyn Duguid now Mandi Stewart!
I haven't been in this site for months and was delighted to see all the ex pupils on here now. Friends reunited attracted hardly any attention apart from myself, Pat Fletcher and another one from my old class. I was there from around 1956 until 1960 and loved every minute. Very happy memories of fun days. some names I remember from my class were Helen Coop, Anna Leigh. Catherine Timms. Mary Taylor, Lorraine Holden and there are more but no space, I was in Brackley House which was blue! I remember spending some time quite often outside Mrs McCullough's room for giggling in class or causing giggling! My favourite items in the tuck shop were peppermint Bandit chocolate biscuits or Everton mints. I remember one year we did an embarrassing puppet show for the younger children in the Crows Nest. Hope nobody remembers that! Mrs McCullough was an amazing teacher and gave me my love of History and Literature although I don't remember actually having any form of conversation with her. Those were the days!
Thu Dec 29th 2016, at 4:28 pm
maryk76 commented:
My name is Kay Artingstoll (nee Lawrence). My sister Joan and I became pupils of the school when it was run by Mr. and Mrs. Veerman although I think the latter left and moved to Deal in Kent during my time there. I also remember Miss Breen. I stayed on at the school until moving to Eccles Grammar School so I was also there during the McCullough's time. I recognise many of the names listed by Michael Shinn (including my own!) . Other names which come to mind are Pauline Fletcher, Anne Wallace, Sandra Price and Gillian Foster. I was in touch with Anne Martin, who taught Geography, a few years ago. It was so sad that that lovely house was destroyed by fire; the McCulloughs had worked so hard to make the school a success and it must have been a bitter blow for them. I look back on my time at the school with great affection and it is wonderful to see names from the past emerging from fhe mists of time!
Mon Nov 28th 2016, at 2:41 pm
bkruss23 commented:
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your lovely memories of Worsley High School.
I don't remember you Mike but certainly all the names you have mentioned.

Pat Fletcher was my best friend,she is now Pat Jones and we are in touch again.
My name was Barbara Price and in my class was Catherine Timms,Ann Collier and many others,my sister Sandra was in same class as Gillian Webb,Linda Crompton and Pat's sister Pauline.
Sue Miller was a few years younger she was also lived next door to me,I always took her to school and back,we lived near Worsley Church.
Having lived abroad for many years but was back in touch and saw her before she sadly died.
Don't remember the ballet at Worsley Court House! Sounds amazing.
The fourth house was Park house,green girdles we wore round our gym slips.
The house was so beautiful,black and white tiled conservatory where we had horrible lunches.I am sure it was Dennis Bradley I once spilt prunes and custard over.
The tuck shop with all lovely sweets,I could go on forever,we were all so lucky to have enjoyed our school days although we probably didn't appreciate it at the time.

Keep in touch with more memories,
Barbara Russell.
Mon Nov 28th 2016, at 10:21 am
mike commented:
Hi, Anne. I remember the staircase, the tiles, and also the mirrored panels and the crow's nest. I was there from 1950-54 (age 7-11)
I don't remember a lot more than what I posted earlier. I was trying to remember the house names. I can remember Ellesmere, Egerton, Brackley, but I can't recall the fourth. Can you?. I also remember a sketch where I was dancing as a female ballet dancer to the tune of Pizzicata with (I think) David Grundy and Dennis Bradley in some kind of concert at Worsley Court House and feeling acutely embarrassed.
Sat Oct 29th 2016, at 7:24 pm
anne.e.france commented:
Hi Pat l was wondering what your surname was in those days? I still see (maiden names) Anne Costley, Jane Carter regularly and exchange Christmas cards with Vivienne Timms. As l still live very near to where school was, which is now a care home! I see Rita Gardner occasionally and Nick Taylor regularly. Sadly Sue Miller died earlier in the year after many years of illness. I lost touch with Jane Illingworth sadly as we were both bridesmaids for our infant teacher there Miss Kay. I have a few photos some in ballet uniforms from my fairly early days there. Would love to hear any further info from anyone and Mike although l don't know you my husband is chairman of a classic car club and has recently sold an SS Jag. He also lived in Longley Drive but not in those days! Does anyone remember the beautiful black and white tiled floor, fantastic wooden carved staircase and the tuck shop on the first landing selling many things but l remember the black and white toffee liquorice twists! Hope more will join the page so we can share memories. 😄
Sun Oct 23rd 2016, at 7:10 pm
mike commented:
My name is Mike Shinn and I was also a boarder at Worsley High School circa 1950 to 1953/4. I remember Mr Veerman and the McCulloughs (my spelling could be wrong). I remember the shock when George Vl died. Other boys I remember are Eric Eastham, Dennis Bradley, David Grundy, David Summers, Anthony Breeze, Justin Snape, Roger (Brown?) Girls include Christine Ratcliffe, Jenny Thorley, Gloria Wayne, Valerie Patterson, Kay Hewitt, Christine Fitzpatrick, Gillian Webb, Pat Hatton, Margaret Dunderdale, Barbara Duckworth, Kay Lawrence (in no particular order - please forgive errors and omissions). I also remember the delightful miss Breen who possibly awoke my earliest attraction to the opposite sex. Is my memory tricking me or did she use the actual crow's nest for her room?
As boys we all had to leave at the age of eleven, as was the practice. I was very saddened by the news of the fire. I remember Mr McCullough with his SS Jaguar. He made stilts himself for us to play with and many years later I made some similar for my two daughters. I also remember being fearful of Mr Veerman and being hit with a board ruler (not sure that was Veerman) because I was too shy to sing in front of the class. No permanent scars (psychological or physical) remain as far as I am aware.
I'm not sure who Mackay9r is but I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who was at Worsley High during my years there regardless of whether I've mentioned you above or not (my memory is quite erratic).
This page just came up on a google search so I've no idea if we can communicate via this site except by commenting but please try if you are so inclined... =)
Sun Oct 16th 2016, at 5:46 pm
pat commented:
Hi Anne, Yes, I remember you! I went to Worsley High from 1952 to 1962. Obviously I'm older than you, but maybe you remember my younger sister, Pamela ? I seem to think your house backed on to the old school? Such a tragedy for it to burn down. I was in touch with Mrs Mac until a few years ago x
Thu Jun 9th 2016, at 9:30 pm
paddypedals commented:
Hello, my name is Joyce McGrath and I lived in Farnworth on Albert Road. I went to Worsley High School from 1948 ish and I was in Ellesmere house. I remember David Clulow was in my year and the twins Stephanie and Daphanie.
Tue May 24th 2016, at 7:05 pm
mackayr9 commented:
I too went to Worsley High School from 1950 to 1953. Mr Veerman was Headmaster and his wife helped in the administration - that was until she left him. However, a most attractive lady, Miss Breen, was a resident teacher. I was a weekly boarder for a spell but there were only about 5 or 6 of us. I lived in Farnworth and used to go home by train from Worsley station, reached by a private footpath from the school grounds down to the station platform! I found two pictures on the internet of the school from the Walkden library site, I think it was. Has anyone else got memories?
Sun Mar 13th 2016, at 5:21 pm
anne.e.france commented:
Hi my name is Anne France nee Layden and I went to Worsley High School from 1956 aged 4 until l was 16! My mum was school secretary for a while and our house was the nerve centre for everyone the night the school burnt down which had been reported by my parents. I am still in touch with ex pupils.
Wed Jan 13th 2016, at 2:50 pm
pat commented:
No, you didn't imagine it Rosie! It really did exist ! I spent all my school days there from 1952-1962. If you go online to 'Salford Digital' and look at 'Worsley' you'll see a few photos. And one with us in our famous boaters ! They weighed a ton, I can tell you. What was the name of your friend's sister ? Patx
Sun Jan 10th 2016, at 10:53 pm
belmore8 commented:
Have a look at Friends Reunited - under Worsley High School!
Thu Jul 30th 2015, at 11:01 pm
rosie-mock commented:
Hi Lynette, I've just put a post on 'Growing up in Walkden Worsley 2' asking if anyone remembers Worsley High School as my friend's sister went to this school. Apart from Friends Reunited, I can't seem to find any other information on the school and was starting to think I'd imagined its existence?? Rose
Mon Feb 23rd 2015, at 10:24 pm
Lynette Foster commented:
Hi , I also was in the guides - 1st Worsley, St Marks. I was one of the founder members. A Miss Audrey Burton was our Captain. I vaguely remember the name Price but can't be too sure. Which Sunday School did one attend.
Although I didn't go to Worsley High School, I do remember that those who did wore the straw boaters and looked decidedly smart in their uniforms.

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