Memories of Wraysbury

I went to Wraysbury School and one day came late. Everyone was gathered in the canteen for morning assembly, and when I got there, everyone clapped and I was pushed up to receive a large brown envelope. Going back to my place, I asked the girl next to me what they were clapping about, and she said, "You've passed the (...Read full memory)

My aunt, Beryl Reid, moved into Honey Pot Cottage in Wraysbury in the late 1950s and we spent many happy days visiting her. The river was fascinating and there was a houseboat on the other side of the river that seemed to be there for years and years. She had a lovely curved stone seat at the bottom of the (...Read full memory)

In the 1950s I used to stay with my grandparents in their bungalow (The Aspens, adjacent to Raynor's Farm) in what is now called Farm Road; it is not even a road now but simply an access gate to the reservoir. Back in the 1950s, before they built the reservoir, it was a track, Coppermill Lane, off (...Read full memory)

Moved into Coppermill Rd in the early 1980's, majority of homes were still owned by their original 1930's owners. A very village atmosphere where people knew each other. They had bought their new-builds before Heathrow Airport, the construction of the Wraysbury reservoir and the M25. Their views would have been completely (...Read full memory)

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