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Covent Grovernor Road /Gerald Street

A Memory of Wrexham.

I first attended the Infant junior house from 1965 I was just over 2 nearly 3 when I went there. My Mother couldnt get a place for me in the Nursery in Wrexham which I think was Holt Rd. I remember quite a bit, I am sure I stayed there till 1971 and it was going to close. I then went to the New School in Borras Park.
I spent a few years in Sister E's class but my memories of her are not great. I was good at reading but never at maths and remember being put in the corner facing the wall by the board with a dunces hat. I remember getting the cane across my hand for wetting myself, I was 4/5.
I loved the rocking horse that was in our classroom. Mrs MacMann who always dyed her hair so much it turned green , she was very strict and didn't suffer fools gladly. Sadly the names of the kind teachers escape me, but if anyone knows who was teaching in the Junior School id love to be reminded. I know it wasnt all bad , I have memories of sports in the convent garden, flower pot walking. French skipping with elastics,never being able to do a cartwheel. The kindness of the Headmistress , whose name I would love to be reminded of, When I had come back from a bad dentist distressed and for some reason to the Senior part. She gave me a chocolate train which I was delighted with because I loved trains, the chocolate was a bonus. I remember I was told to sit quietly in her office. Which order of Nuns were they?
I remember there was a very old nun whom I used to talk to and she was lovely as well. Going to St Mary's for special services and I am pretty sure I went to the chapel in the convent.
As I am writing this names such Richard Snowdon my friend, Julian Harris sadly no more names spring to mind. There was a girl with Cerabal Palsey in my Class.
My name - Janet Amanda Lavinia Williams

With thanks to williamsjal28 for this memory of Wrexham

Added 28 July 2020


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