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In doing family history research I discovered my Grandfather, George Crowhurst, was born and grew up in this beautiful home from 1895 til 1920. His father, Isaac, leased the house and the land to farm. They lived on the farm until Isaac's passing at which time George's mother took the remaining family to live at Whiffen Farm with Jacob Crowhurst (I assume Isaac's brother) until her passing at which time my ...see more

G'day, My parents sold Wrotham Hill Farm in 1947 to move to Australia. It cost my father 700 pounds in then money to take the family (Mum, Dad, two brothers and myself aged 4) to Australia. I remember Dad saying there was 12 foot of snow around the house in winter that year. It was a cherry orchard when Dad had it. I will be in England in May 2014 and hope to be able to visit the farm.. I would love to ...see more

My maternal grandparents were great friends of Charles and Laura Smith, and their son Albert, who lived at New House Farm, Kemsing Lane. Charles was, I think, the farm manager/bailiff for a Mr Gardner of Style Place Farm, Hadlow. I believe in later years Albert moved to East Peckham and worked at Lillicoe's (?) in Borough Green. New House Farm was/is a medieval yeoman's house, in those days with a quarry-tile floored ...see more

I was born in 1940 in Langley Maidstone, Lord Routes' house, a wing of which was given over during the Second World War as a maternity part for expectant mothers. We lived on the main road in Wrotham, opposite a pub called The Spring Tavern, it's no longer there now. We lived next door to a family called Skinner, the children's names all began with the initial J. There was John, Julie Judy, and we all ...see more

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