Memories of Yapton

Our family moved from Bognor to Yapton in 1951 just before my 10th birthday. I was only 13 and attending Chichester High School for Girls when I started working weekends at Hobbs Farm, Bilsham Corner. It was a pedigree Jersey dairy farm and we used to bottle gold top milk with cream that came half-way down the glass pint. The milk (...Read full memory)

I think it was about 1959 when a new Vicar arrived in the village of Yapton he was the Rev. Nelson. I was 12 at the time, His wife who we only knew as Mrs Nelson decided to start a church choir. So with a few of my cousins and girls I went to school with off we went to see what it was all about. Mrs Nelson had at least two (...Read full memory)

My family moved to Yapton, from Folkestone Kent, because my husband had a job there. It was a difficult time but I was expecting a baby and I had a 3 year old son so it was also an exciting time for us. Over the years we grew to love the area we lived in, the children went to school nearby and they made some (...Read full memory)

My grandfather's father was a minister at the lovely little Yapton church, his name is on the board at the back of the church, Cother. About 6 years ago, my aunt, (grandad's daughter now almost 91) my sister, brother and self, visited the church. While there someone came in and told us of a lady down the road interested in (...Read full memory)

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