Memories of Yardley Wood

I am researching my family and was wondering if anyone knew of the School Road Nursery at Yardley Wood. I have recently been given an old family photo which was sent to Mrs A Horton, at that address. I think the photo dates back to around 1930-1932, and was wondering if anyone knew of any Horton family who lived in (...Read full memory)

I am trying to trace my family tree. Does anyone remenber Maggie (Margaret) Williams, who was married to Joe and had three children (Mary, Margaret and Ron)? She lived in Beauchamp Road and went to the local Catholic church. I would love to hear any reminiscences about my grandmother and grandfather.

Born into a large family one of eventually, 8 children, I can remember helping to pick and shell peas in our very large rear garden, we grew a lot of vegetables then and I enjoyed swinging and climbing on our many apple trees; we kept pigeons and rabbits, and also one chicken called (...Read full memory)

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