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Caption for Yardley, Bakeman House C1965: This is part of the Tivoli Centre on Coventry Road. Erected in the 1960s, it neatly sums up the building trends of the time. Aggregates and cladding panels have been used extensively on the tower block; with its associated shopping precinct and multi-storey car park, it overlooks an underpass and a flyover on the outer ring road.

An extract from West Midlands Living Memories.

Memories of Yardley, Bakeman House c1965

We (Myself and my Wife) lived there for a months time in Dec 2006. It was a greatful and romantic experience... The excellent view towards the coventry road, unusual sun light during the late afternoon and the buses and vehicles through the coventry road gave us a great feel. The lovely chillness (...Read full memory)

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