A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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The origins of this rambling building, which overlooks the main street, lie in a 15th-century farmhouse, and until the New Inn was built in the 1640s, it also served the village as its ale-house. The original cottage was 'gentrified' during the early 19th century and later, the local doctor added extensions, which he used as his waiting room and surgery.

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I cant remember the year but I well remember the iron footbridge being put in place over the canal...if I remember right it was lowered into place by a huge crane . before this we pedestrians had to walk over the road bridge and as children we hoisted ourselves up on the wall to look over at the water...my heart does a summersault now when I think of the danger...no one ever fell over...

I lived at the wayside garage on the A6 from 1952-1962. I used to cycle to the village (Meadows) past Escomes Farm opposite Holmemere Hall and up Dykes Hill, passing Alan Clarks farm where I used to help with the haytime. The village inn the New Inn was run by a Mr Bill Watts and his wife. Across the road, a farm was run by a Mr Shorroks, who had 2 sons, Ian and David. I believe they moved ...see more

My mother was Evelyn Escolme. She was married to Reuben Escolme of Laurel Bank...he was the son of Titus. My mother worked for Seriah Butler. She was put into service at the age of 13, left her home in Barrow and worked on Seriah's farm and looked after their daughter Dorothy. My dad went to work on the railway so we left Yealand when I was little, but I spent all my school holidays at ...see more

I am from the Escolme family.  My mother Evelyn Tyldesley who was born in Dalton worked for a farmer, Seriah Butler, when she was about 13 circa 1920 and looked after their daughter Dorothy.  My mother used to walk up the steep hill with milk pails on a yoke.  She married Reuben Escolme, the only son of Titus Escolme, who lived in Laurel Bank.  Previously ...see more

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