Yeovil, Co Op And Lipton's Supermarkets c.1965

Memories of Yeovil

I started my conscription service training In Yeovil, if I remember correctly the camp I trained at was called Houndstone Camp. I have very fond memories of the camp, and the friends I made in the RASC company we were in. I also have enjoyable memories of Yeovil village, we had some great times there. Being a northen lad living (...Read full memory)

I can remember playing at Nine Springs every Sunday with my two brothers. We would always stop at the old cottage there where you could buy a glass of home made lemonade for an old halfpenny, and sometimes two biscuits as well if you had a penny. The old couple were very friendly and we would sit on their (...Read full memory)

My mothers family moved to Yeovil in about 1926 from Beaminster in Dorset. My grandfather heard there was a job going for a gardener, he got the job so the family moved to a tide cottage in Ilchester Road. They had 5 childen then, my mum was born in 1930. One of them, my Auntie worked for Whitby Book Store. In the photo it is (...Read full memory)

My name is Vivienne. I was born in Yeovil in December 1953. My father was Graham Stanley George Adams born March 1926. He had four brothers: Stewart Roland Adams (Married Phyllis), Maurice Escort Adams (Married Jean Hallett, children Susan and Dawn), Norman Adams (Married Sheila, child Kim) and Cyril Adams (Married (...Read full memory)

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