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My mum (Gloria Hawkins) was born in Yeovil in 1942 in an upstairs bedroom of 99 Westfield Grove. She left in 1960 to work at a holiday camp where she met my dad who was from London. They married and settled in West London where they went on to have 4 children. During the school holidays my mum would pack me and my younger sister off to stay at my nan and grandads... Loved every minute of those times, playing in the ...see more

We lived in St Michaels Avenue, just a short distance up the hill from St Mikes - and I attended Pen Mill Primary, which was a little way down the hill from this church. Our morning assemblies were held in the church hall, which had a magnificent clock tower. It chimed the hours and quarters - very handy if you were in the garden and wanted to know the time (no-one wore a watch while tending the garden). At Pen Mill ...see more

II was born in this gorgeous building on July 10th 1966. This is the first time I have seen a picture of it and what a grand building, so sad to see the current state of it. My dad was in the army and stationed at Bovington. We moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne when I was one year old as my dad left the forces and found a job up here, sadly both my parents are no longer alive and I will one day visit my birthplace with my wife to see where I was born. Thank You...Paul Hewitt

My sister, brother and l were all evacuated to Yeovil from Caterham/Warlingham areas of Surrey from June to December 1944. I was billeted in St Andrews Road and my brother close-by in Summerleaze School.Intend to return to the town this April and would be interested to hear from anyone of the 1944 era living there. I have been married for almost 57 years and still living in a Surrey village. Then l ...see more

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