Memories of Yeovil

My grandparents lived in Addlewell Lane, Yeovil. It backed onto the railway track and I used to wave to the engine drivers. We went for the school holidays every year until about 1961. At the end of Addlewell Lane was the tanning factory and the smell was quite awful, I used to like to get past as soon as possible. I used to (...Read full memory)

My house backed onto Wyndham Hill and I spent my childhood playing over there. My cousin and I loved to watch the steam trains passing by and sometimes (if our parents weren't nearby) would run onto the bridge at Pen Mill station and hang over to get lost in the smoke - the things kids do! There was also another (...Read full memory)

We lived in St Michaels Avenue, just a short distance up the hill from St Mikes - and I attended Pen Mill Primary, which was a little way down the hill from this church. Our morning assemblies were held in the church hall, which had a magnificent clock tower. It chimed the hours and quarters - very handy if you were in the (...Read full memory)

This photograph must have been taken after 28th. October 1896, when the new reredos, altar, and choir screen shown here were installed to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the church, and were dedicated on that day, and the summer of 1897, when additional wrought iron screens were inserted across the side chapels, to celebrate the (...Read full memory)

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