Memories of Yeovil

Dear Francis, As Christmas is looming, memories roll back to when Father Christmas arrived at Town Station on the train. One boy and one girl would be picked out of the crowd to recieve a present, and the present was a story book. How very lucky I was. Jenny Savage (Dungey)

I use to attend St Gildas Convent and well remember getting off the bus and walking through Bide`s gardens to school; we used to collect the conkers in the Autumn. My neighbour was in the old hospital and I remember seeing him walking in the grounds at the front and went over to speak to him as there were only some metal railings separating the grounds from Bide`s gardens.

II was born in this gorgeous building on July 10th 1966. This is the first time I have seen a picture of it and what a grand building, so sad to see the current state of it. My dad was in the army and stationed at Bovington. We moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne when I was one year old as my dad left the forces and found a job up (...Read full memory)

I well remember Yeovil as a boy in the 1940s and this lovely view of Princess Street brings back many memories. The road was actually the A30 road from London to Exeter running through the town and would often be clogged with traffic in the summer. The street had lovely shops including Genges on the left which (...Read full memory)

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