Memories of Yeovil, the Hospital 1912

My grandmother had to work in the flaxworks during the First World War and caught her arm in a machine and severed it!  I was told she was taken to Yeovil and spent many weeks in this hospital.  In 1964 I spent two weeks in here but for a much nicer reason, my first son was born.

I started my conscription service training In Yeovil, if I remember correctly the camp I trained at was called Houndstone Camp. I have very fond memories of the camp, and the friends I made in the RASC company we were in. I also have enjoyable memories of Yeovil village, we had some great times there. Being a northen lad living (...Read full memory)

I always remember my late mother, Elsie Buttle, telling me when I was born 24/08/1944 there were some, I believe it was Italian soliders, out side singing the hymn "Jerusuleam". Also, my first son, Terry Buttle, was born here august 1966. There used to be a sister in charge, Sister Gough, who used to have a (...Read full memory)

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