Yetminster, View From Tarks Hill c.1955

Memories of Yetminster

I remember when Yetminster had farms and no yuppies, I also remember when there was a garage and two schools which I went to both of in the late 1940s.  We also had 2 proper pubs. I still have relatives in the village, oldest of which is 96, and some cousins. I hope someone remembers me, so long.

Yes, the garage I remember was owned by O.C.C. Curtis...I remember the little pocket calendars my father used to receive when he filled up his green Hillman Hunter car there in the 1960s and 70s.

My mother and I lived in Laurel Cottage for the duration of the Second World War. I seem to remember it was next to the pub. I had a friend called Peggy. Her parents had a farm and I seem to remember it being in the village. We used to gather nuts from the hedgerows. I was 4 when we left but isn't it funny how happy memories linger. Anne

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