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York Photographic Memories

York Photographic Memories

The photo 'York, Clifton, St Peter's School 1909' appears in this book.

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The original building was built as a small private school in 1838. In 1844 it was acquired by the Dean and Chapter to use for St Peter's School, which had outgrown its former site. It is now the oldest public school in England. The architecture of the building is mainly Gothic revival.

An extract from York Photographic Memories.

Memories of York, Clifton, St Peter's School 1909

One memory of my time spent at St Peter's as a border (my house been The Rise )were the God awful brown blazers purchased from Moss Bros (of York). It wasn't that they were uncomfortable that was the problem, it was the rule that they had to be worn constantly. The school week was Monday to Saturday lunch time, after which we as borders were allowed into York itself, BUT we had to wear the uniform (on a Saturday) which ...see more

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