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Yorkshire Photographic Memories

Yorkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'York, the view from the City Walls 1897' appears in this book.

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This view looks towards Lendal Bridge and the towering bulk of the Minster. The road at the right leads to the original railway station, whilst the road cutting under the city wall leads to the new station built in the 1870s.

An extract from Yorkshire Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from York

Some time in York I'd spend an hour or so within the Minster itself, and for me it was not fascination that brought me into the place; it was because its past history which was revealed. Take the Jews, many of which had came from Israel as captives of the Roman Empire whose tasks were to plan architecture and also to keep tally on goods purchased and sold. Whichever emperor it was who supposedly gave the Jews their freedom ...see more


As I was living near Monk Bar in 1955, seeing the photo brought back some good memories. I lived at 28 Monkgate (behind the photographer on the left) in 1955. My sister still lives nearby - through the Bar, turn left at what used to be Saville's Chemists and then round the back of Goodramgate into St. Andrewgate. The scene in the photo has not changed all that much. You cannot drive through the Bar itself anymore. The ...see more

The Museum Garden was something of a treat when my mother took my three nieces and my nephew and myself to the Museum Garden. There were some peacocks and peahens roaming about freely within the gardens, My Nnece Trudy was somewhat amazed when she saw the peacock fan its feathers, she made a remark saying that the feathers were beautiful and said out loud ''Please Mr Peacock would you please give me just one of your ...see more

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