Old Maps of Ystrad Mynach

Historic Maps of Ystrad Mynach and the local area.

My mum was born on May 1st 1914 in Ystrad Mynach. She was called Bertha May. She was born in the vicarage of Holy Trinity Chuch where she grew up, the oldest child of the then vicar, William James Williams. She later had two brothers, Mervyn and Geoff. Tragically my grandma, Lilian Grace died on the 1st July 1920 (...Read full memory)

In the early ninties my son Dewi started going to the Boys Club as it was. Unknown to me and some of the other parents who took their children there the leader Mrs Hammond was coming to the end of her time there (she had been leader for many generations). As a group of parents we suddenly found ourselves (...Read full memory)