Ystrad Mynach, The Village 1938

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Memories of Ystrad Mynach

I left Heolddu comprehensive school in Bargoed in 1985 and I went straight onto a YTS. I had to get a bus down to Ystrad to start my apprenticeship at ''Ystrad Mynach training workshop'' which was in Penalta Road. I started there around June of that year, I was on the upholstery section where I was (...Read full memory)

Having lived my entire life in Ystrad, and still a happy resident, I remember the village being a REAL village. Mum shopped in the C0-0p, whilst staff entertained her inquisitive children. Does anyone remember that amazing conveyor at the back of the store! Shopping was a social activity with Mum spending more time (...Read full memory)

Who can remember going to the Saturday morning pictures? We would see films like 'Annie Get your Gun' and 'An American in Paris' , followed by the wonderful 'Captain Marvel' etc. My friends and I would often act out bits from the movies, singing and dancing on the pier head, which gave us a wonderfully (...Read full memory)

My paternal grandparents lived at 19 Brynmynach Avenue during the early part of 20th century. My grandfather worked at the local colliery until his death in 1937. Grandmother died in 1949 but two of her sons,my uncles, lived there until 1982. The family were Davies, David( Dai) and Annie. John and Dick were two of (...Read full memory)

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