Favourite Memories

Wolf And Hollander

There were a few sizeable department stores in Bromley, including Harrison Gibson and Wolf and Hollander (whose flag you can see waving on the left).  I am pretty sure it was Wolf and Hollander that ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromley by Martin Jones

1942 At 14 Years Old My Life Changes

After our family home in Trafalgar Avenue, Peckham was damaged by the 'blitz' for the 3rd time, my mother decided enough is enough. She got in touch with her sister who lived in the country (South Norwood) ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Royhenry Knight

My Salford Days From 1953

I have very fond memories of Salford. I first lived in Franklin St, Ordsall, until I was about 4 or 5 years old. I recall the pub on the corner and the church at the other end. I lived on the landings facing the ...Read full memory

Early Days In Filton

Although originally from Manchester my parents were living in Filton when I was born in Cheltenham in December 1941. My father, like the majority of men in that area worked at what was then the BAC. He worked at the Rodney ...Read full memory

A memory of Filton by Frieda Curnow

Visiting Before My Father Purchased It From Colonel Watney

I remember visiting the house with my mother (Phyllis) and father (Thomas) before we moved in in 1948 when I was 6 years old. There was myself, my twin sisters, another sister who ...Read full memory

A memory of Ivy Hatch by Tony Durrant

Waylett''S Paper Shop Westmoreland Parade

I lived at 3 Barnfield Wood Close, Park Langley. Waylett's lived just round the corner at Barnfield Wood Road. They had three daughters who I was very interested in, I was between 9 and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromley by Martin Newell

A Wonderful Time In Copper Street

My name is Carole McCarthy (nee MALONE) I was born in December 1951 in a maternity unit on Rochdale Road near to the Embassy Club. I lived in Copper Street in Collyhurst which had Barney's at the bottom of ...Read full memory

Pyrford School

My father was a teacher at Pyrford School when Len Cowie was the headmaster. I remember Mrs Jones and Mrs Bugler and Miss Mcdermot and Mr Stevens, who lived by the old school in Engliff Lane. I remember being privileged to ...Read full memory

Stockdale Road

My mum and her sisters and brother moved with my nan to Stockdale Road from the Kings Cross area. She told me that when the rent collector came round on his bike, if he saw a group of women talking by their gate, he would tell ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by Brian Dudley

Early Years In The Village.

I left the village in 1948, to join my parents, Cyril and Gladys Jones, and sister Pam who had moved to Gravesend, Kent. I had attended the Lawn following years at Abertysswg School, before going to Caerleon for ...Read full memory

Happy Memories

We used to live in the grounds of Riddings House in the cottage to the left of the main house. The two cottages used as accommodation for the head and assistant gardeners. I used to go with my dad up into the clock tower to ...Read full memory

A memory of Riddings

My Days In Northwich

I was born in Northwich in 1966, however I moved here to Lancashire in 1980 but I still consider time in Northwich as being the best days of my life. I moved here when I was 14, I lived in Greenhall Road and my best friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Northwich by Vicky Wood

Living At The Mill

My father bought the mill in the 1960s and we moved in 1976 to South Africa. During the years living at the mill we all have plenty of memories spent living there. The most memorable was the first time we encounted the ghost ...Read full memory

A memory of Felsted by Christina Bryan

Youthful Memories

Born In Nairn, now living In New Zealand. Memories include: the putting green, picking rasps and brambles in the Links bushes, hot orange at Morganti's after Bible Class on a Sunday night, the wishing well in the "big valley" at ...Read full memory

A memory of Nairn by Min Walker

1940 1947

I moved to Andover in 1940 with my mum and sister, to live with my grandparents, my dad was all over the place in the RAF. My grandad owned a riding stable in Anton Road, towards the town. The side of the stable building had a huge ...Read full memory

A memory of Andover by Peter Carragher

Davidson Road School

Does anyone remember Davidson Road Secondary Modern School? This was late 1950's pre co-education days so although housed in the same building, girls were upstairs and boys downstairs. Seperate playgrounds and 'never the ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Francis Beck

My Memory Of Collyhurst

My name is Denise, I lived at 14 Churnet St (bottom end) near Collyhurst Rd from 1955 until 1967 when we had to move in the clearance. We were 4 doors down from Woolams clog works, Mr Woolam used to let us in and let ...Read full memory

Bank Of England Printing Works At Debden

I was priviledged to be given a guided tour of the Bank of England Printing Works at Debden. I had just started work at the Bank in the City in 1963 and my tour formed part of the induction process for ...Read full memory

Helen Bates Growing Up

I was born in 1957 in Victoria Crescent, just off St Anns Road. I also remember the sweet shop that made their own sweets. My brother, sister & I used to stand outside watching the man stretch large pieces of toffee ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham by Helen Allmond

Mishaps In South Croydon

The pub in the middle distance on the right is The Red Deer. On the triangle, which is formed by the junction of Brighton Road & Sanderstead Road, where incidentally I later lived & two of my children were born, stood ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Tony Arkell

As It Was

I left Walsall at the age of fifteen, at the time of the date of this picture. I loved the trolley buses and watching the trolley conductor change the rails. I remember the Bridge well, as shown in this picture. It was my task on a ...Read full memory

A memory of Walsall by Terry King

Dreams Of Heaven

My memories are of the ending of the war, the German one in the Second World War. My family and I went to a VE party down the Greenford Road in Kings Avenue, I was about 7 years old at the time and while I was dancing with ...Read full memory

The Park

This picture is of me and my brothers in Brearley Park. I am on the see-saw with my brother John and my mum is holding my youngest brother, Paul. We always used to go to the park as often as possible and catch sticklebacks in ...Read full memory

Golden Holidays

From our home in Kent, we went every year on holiday to Babbacombe during the 1950's and early 1960's. We stayed with my 'Aunty Amy' and 'Uncle Matt' at their boarding house, 18 Perinville Road. It was the most magic time ...Read full memory

Childhood Memories...

I remember most of these places shown in the photographs and as I look at them memories flood back! I remember learning to swim by the steps on the quay and drinking cider whilst hiding amongst the sprat boxes ...Read full memory

Memories Of Grays

Hello, my name is John Ryan and I was resident at Grays during the fifties - I was in partnership with a long-standing schoolfriend of mine (Billy Watts). We ran the Reliance Taxis for a few years, which was situated in a lane ...Read full memory

A memory of Grays by John Ryan

Recollections Of St Gorran School

I attended in the late 1950's. I understood it to be mainly for children whose parents were abroad. There were 2 teachers - one I cannot remember the name of and the other was Miss KR who always wore ...Read full memory

A memory of Manaccan by Penny Poole

East End

I was born in Sunderland in 1948 and Christened in Holy Trinity Church, Church Walk, where all of my mother's side of the family had been hatched, matched, and dispatched. I was raised in Wear Garth till the age of twelve years old ...Read full memory

A memory of Ryhope by Sheila James

5 Mill Terrace

As a young child, I lived at number 5 Mill Terrace. It was my grandparents' house. Their names were Stanley and Alice Timberlake and they were able to rent the house because my grandad had worked for a local landowner by the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bersham by Jane Hann

My Memories Of Coatbridge

I was born in Marshall St, Old Monklands. I remember playing in the Glen and having to cross a very busy road to get there.West End park was one of my favorite haunts. Iwent to St Josephs Primary school (I think it ...Read full memory

160 Devon Street

We moved to 160 Devon Street in 1957 which is the top end, over the road from the outdoor. As we were a black family people didn't have much to do with us. I went to Bloomsbury Sec. Modern where the head was Mrs Hinchliffe. ...Read full memory

Egham 1960 Onwards

I was born in 1960 in Delham Ave and grew up at 1 the Crescent with my two brothers and sister. My father, Ronald Wykes, took the steam train to Waterloo each day as he was a banker in the city. After he retired he took up a ...Read full memory

A memory of Egham by Andrew Wykes

Working Memories.

I was the main weekday driver of the launch photographed during the student holiday periods of 1955-1958.  When I drove it, the name was 'Silver Stream'.  It was the largest of a set of three electric launches which ...Read full memory

A memory of Bedford by Claire Allen

Childhood In The Darent Valley

I was born at 6 St. Johns Terrace, 3 doors away from Mr Bird's Post Office and store (which is shown in your photo). How many hours have I sat on those steps outside? We used to play in the road and when ...Read full memory

1960's Kidderminster

Dear old Kiddy. My youth and teenage years during the late 1950s and early 1960' spent here. I remember a busy medium sized market town. Full employment was provided by the numerious carpet factories, Adams, ...Read full memory

Anyone Remember Halifax Fish

My Dad was born and lived in Halifax. When he was young a family firm which had a stall in the market hall delivered a fish speciality on bicycles with baskets. We all called it "Halifax Fish" and it was a piece of ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Hugh Crabtree

Abergarw Estate Or The Hostels

My name is David Strutt and I moved with my parents to 5 Heol yr Ynys when I was only 6 months old, in 1941, having been bombed out in London. I have often wondered what happened to folk that lived there. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Abergarw by David Strutt

The Carlton Ballroom

It was a must in the 1960's. The Carlton was in the High Street near the post office, a few steps were at the front, leading to the entrance and it was always packed. They had a bar upstairs where you stood drinking looking ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough

Young Corby, Once Called Corbie.

This photo must have been taken early in the morning because that play area was always packed with wee yins in the 1960s. I know because I was one of them. There were lots of what I used to call swing parks in ...Read full memory

A memory of Corby by Kenneth Little

June 1958 A Frightening Experience!!!!

It was my 4th birthday and we were staying in Caister at the Sycamore Camp in a caravan that my Parents had hired for a 2 week holiday. So the date 13th June 1958 and we took a trip in Dad's old car up to ...Read full memory

A memory of Lowestoft by Brian Green

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