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Favourite Memories

Green Road.

I lived in Thurlstone from 1962 on Manchester Road and then to Penistone in 1963. I lived at 162 Green Road. My father worked at David Browns as was, and everyday I used to meet him at ...Read full memory

A memory of Penistone by Diane Sparshott

Childhood Memories Of Old Bracknell 1945 To 1957

I was born in 1945 in my aunty's cottage in Searle Street, which ran from the corner of the Station Hotel below the railway line embankment where we ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by Deidre Parry

Southend Beach

My Great Uncle and Great Aunt (Joe and Rose) both passed away recently, so I decided to share their memory here. I am their Great Niece's daughter. As far as I am aware, they ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by Clare Jones

Days At Southend

I remember travelling to Southend with my family on a steam train from London.  My sister and I use to put our heads out of the windows.  More often than not when ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by Jan Rennie

The Street Family

My name is Julie and my Mum and Dad are Joan and Tom Street (Mum has passed away). I have wonderful memories of Cuffley and lived there from the age of 5 to 19 years in Homewood ...Read full memory

A memory of Cuffley by Julie Luckin

I Lived In 1 Rockcliffe View Carlin How

I lived in 1 Rockcliffe View Carlin How, from about 1946 to 1952, then my father retired and we then moved to Loftus. My father was Jim Conway the Police ...Read full memory

A memory of Carlin How by Sylvia Fayers

Hardwick Service Station 1946 1955

Ronald Newell, my father, moved from Potters Bar to Hardwick in 1946. He bought Hardwick Service Station from his brother in law (Bert ...Read full memory

A memory of Hardwick by Martin Newell

Draycott Police House

I was born in the Police House, my parents had moved into it from new. My older brother David, and my Dad (Constable Hind) made a garden swing for me out of railway sleepers. ...Read full memory

A memory of Pear Tree by Deborah Bell

Pricetown, Nantymoel

I was born and brought up in 3 Gwendoline St Nantymoel. I went to school there, first the infants then the Secondary Modern. My childhood was wonderful with plenty of friends ...Read full memory

A memory of Ogmore Vale by Ann Richards

The 'Fence' On The Beach

As a very young child, probably aged about 3 or 4, my family rented one of the cottages close to the cliff side at Sea View Crescent on two consecutive years. I remember the ...Read full memory

A memory of Walcott by Tracey Whitcher

Summer In The Village

I remember summers in Wallasey Village being absolutely glorious as a kid. I used to live in Green Lane, and during the summer holidays,Ii and my friends worked on the market ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallasey by Philip Hoggett

The Cambridge Ghost

The Cambridge Military Hospital was apparently founded as part of the initiative begun by Florence Nightingale after the Crimean War to improve medical facilities for the Army. ...Read full memory

A memory of Aldershot by James Ritchie

St. Oswalds Girls School

I came to Alllerwash Hall, Fourstones, when it was a private girls' boarding school called St.Oswalds. The Second World War had ended that summer and my mother had died ...Read full memory

A memory of Allerwash by Heather Rosser

Newell''S Hardwick To Cambridge Taxi Service

The Cambridge American Cemetry was built after the second war, during this time the odor of rotting bodies being buried at Madingley,caused my father to ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge by Martin Newell

The Sweet Shop And The Imperial Cinema

From John Moloney; I was moved to Oldham as an evacuee from Stretford in 1941 to live at 395 Featherstall Road North. The ...Read full memory

A memory of Oldham by John Moloney

Lower And Upper Culham Farm

When I was 18, I lived with my relatives on the outskirts oif Reading. I was offered a job working as a builders labourer. The year was 1963 and I was given a lift most ...Read full memory

A memory of Culham by Ken Elsley

Born In Croydon 1953

I was born at Mayday Hospital 1953. I had an older brother, John Read, and sisters, Judith and Gillian. John went to the Catholic school St Peters and Gillian ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Clare Read

The Only Sassenach In The Town.

After the blitz in London, my mum rang her uncle in Newton Stewart. As a result of that call, we spent several months living in Newton Stewart. The uncle owned ...Read full memory

A memory of Penninghame Ho by Mike Stanbridge

Walks With My Mum

I recently went for a walk with my mum Enid, to the bluebell wood. This wood has many names, Kings Wood, Long Thwaite Wood, to mention a couple. It evoked memories of my ...Read full memory

A memory of Dinnington by Helen Sharp Nee Brown

Afternoon Drive To Visit The Mast And Enjoy The View.

Not too sure of the year; visiting my grandad and granny Haywood who lived up South Lane. As a child it was an adventure to go out in grandad's ...Read full memory

A memory of Holmfirth by Clare Ginns (Parratt)

Hartford Bridge Aircrash 1943

Does anyone have any memories or details of a Douglas Boston of 88 Squadron crashing after attempting a landing returning from a raid in 1943? It would ...Read full memory

A memory of Hartford Bridge Flats by Andrew Mackenzie

Happy Childhood 1950 Onwards

I lived in Hillbrow Cottages on the Eastbourne Road from 1950 to 1970s. My father, George Mison, worked in the sand quarry in Bletchingley and mum, Elsie, was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Godstone by Ruth Bradbury Nee Mison

A Family Business

To anyone local to Dorchester this was a familiar scene day in and day out for almost 50 years. My grandfather Ben Courtney started selling 'fruit and veg' in 1947 from ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorchester by Trevor Courtney

Childrens Convalescent Home

My memory of Budleigh Salterton is spending a couple of months or so at a childrens convalescent home in the spring/early summer of 1955. I revisited the town ...Read full memory

A memory of Budleigh Salterton by Laurie Hornsby

Doodlebug On Gas Holder

My father worked at Cranleigh Gas Works, and had been painting the gas holder, (it was painted by hand in those days), and he'd just come home for a cup of tea at breakfast ...Read full memory

A memory of Cranleigh by Teresa Howard

Pound Street

My first main job on leaving school (Shaw House) was as a tea boy-dogsbody at H C James timber and builders merchants in Pound Street. For quite a while I cycled daily from Highclere ...Read full memory

A memory of Newbury by Percival Mills

Falling In The Pond

Rod Swift remarked about falling in the pond - well I was one of these. Rod must be my cousin's son, as my aunt and uncle lived in the house referred to. Around 1953 on an icy ...Read full memory

A memory of Lingfield by Jean Chambers

Cheap Street

Does anyone recall Austins cake shop/cafe, in Cheap St? Their pasties were superb and I remember eating a whole lardy cake to myself! One of their specialities was an item called ...Read full memory

A memory of Newbury by Percival Mills


My mother & father were the cook & butler to Col Dundas & Mrs Dundas. They arrived from Italy straight after their wedding searching for work. My eldest sister was born while they were in ...Read full memory

A memory of Ochtertyre by Jo Paris

The Original F.Frith & Co

My first job after leaving school in 1968 was at the original Frith & Co. in Raglan Road, Reigate. The company was based in a large Victorian mansion and in many ways the ...Read full memory

A memory of Reigate by Stephn Gale

The Grange

I have memories of Saturday morning pictures at the Grange as well. We lived in Joan Gardens and our Mum used to give us the money for a bus up to the Fiddlers. My sister used to make me sit on her lap so we saved the fare and used it for sweets. Innocent days!!

A memory of Dagenham by Patricia Arnold Nee Treadway

Hummed To Sleep By A Factory

We used to live on what was called The Avenues on the Rylands estate. This was situated behind the Princess shopping parade, so called after the name of the local flea ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by John Simpson

Church Road

To the left of the picture just out of sight was a bungalow converted into a shop ran by a Mrs.Cooper. The slim white line you see on the right of the picture was a concrete drive over a ...Read full memory

A memory of Laindon by Andrew Dodge

Laindon School

I was 14 years old and I worked for Matthew & Sons Corn Merchants of Brentwood. My job was to go round the local villages with a horse and cart selling our produce to the local ...Read full memory

A memory of Laindon by James Chalkley

My Father's Birthday Present

My father was born in St Mawes in 1910. On his fourth birthday (so family legend has it) he was given a pair of Dutch wooden clogs. Being a canny child of seafarers, he ...Read full memory

A memory of St Mawes by Jon Watts

High Street At Redhill

As a 16 year old, I was a boarder from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia at Saint Joseph's Convent, 122 Ladbroke Road. With me there were around 25 girls ranging from the ages of ...Read full memory

A memory of Redhill by Maria Victoria Garcia Azuero

Newburn Shops

As I told you, in Millfield there was only one shop, 'Jacksons', and two houses, Sewells and Gribbles, both in Victoria Terace where they turned their front parlour into shops. Sewells ...Read full memory

A memory of Newburn by Jimmy Burrows

Growing Up In Purley

When I lived in Purley, there weren't many stores.  I can remember when Sainsbury's opened across from Purley Fountain.  There was a toy shop in the High Street called ...Read full memory

A memory of Purley by Liz Williams

Marked For Life

It's funny how we forget. I had forgotten all about this pool until I saw this picture. I shouldn't have though I still have the scares to prove I was there. If I ...Read full memory

A memory of Gosport by Alyson Smith

Memories Of Rothwell In The Sixties

I lived in Rothwell from the age of 5 leaving to come to Australia in 1969 at the age of 16.  I think regularly now of how the village would have ...Read full memory

A memory of Rothwell by Marie Marsland

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