Favourite Memories

St Austell Fore Street Rivera Restaurant

The Rivera!! Once a week after school in 1964- 65, a group of us (mostly 6th-formers from the Grammar School, which was co-ed by that time) used to gather ...Read full memory


As a young child I can remember several holidays taken at the Warners holiday camp at Seaton. The serious business of 'motoring down to Devon' was never taken lightly, lunch was prepared the ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaton by Michael Gough

Good Old Days In Salford

I was born in Salford, one of six children to Edith Casey and Ken Casey, their other children consisted of Linda, Alan, Barry, Ken, Paul and of course myself. We lived at ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Nigel Yates

A House In Gidea Park.

I was born in Carlton Road in 1937. Got bombed out when a landmine dropped down the road and we were evacuated to Clacton while my Dad worked down the Underground tunnel when ...Read full memory

A memory of Gidea Park by Alan Stanley

Growing Up In The 1960's

We lived in Headon's Cottage, Fairy Cross - it had been an old German doctor's cottage in the 1700s, a Doctor Wacerill who is buried in St. Andrew's churchyard,  and his ...Read full memory

A memory of Alwington by Derek England

Summer In The Village

I remember summers in Wallasey Village being absolutely glorious as a kid. I used to live in Green Lane, and during the summer holidays,Ii and my friends worked on the market ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallasey by Philip Hoggett

A Great Start To Life Growing Up In North Bitchburn

Here are just a few of my childhood memories of my youth in North Bitchburn. My name is Ian Pinkney, I lived at No 10 Constantine Road, along ...Read full memory

A memory of North Bitchburn

David Greig Shop

My granddad, Ron Beeson, was the manager of David Greig shop in Egham High Street from around 1956 until he died. My grandparents, Dad and uncle lived above the shop and my parents met ...Read full memory

A memory of Egham by Melanie Nelson

Walks With My Mum

I recently went for a walk with my mum Enid, to the bluebell wood. This wood has many names, Kings Wood, Long Thwaite Wood, to mention a couple. It evoked memories of my ...Read full memory


I lived in Blean-y-pant Crescent and we would walk along the canal tow path to reach the lido. I remember that there was a farm house at the bridge where we'd turn left up the hill. My father ...Read full memory

Bordon Army Fire Station

I was stationed at Bordon Fire Station and was a Corporal in the army. I have many photos taken at the station, I was in charge of the cook-house and was in charge of the bar ...Read full memory

Simple Holidays.

When I saw this photo of the road leading to the beach, I could literally smell the sand and the sea. I felt the excitement of a five year old, armed with bucket and spade. Further ...Read full memory

Childrens Convalescent Home

My memory of Budleigh Salterton is spending a couple of months or so at a childrens convalescent home in the spring/early summer of 1955. I revisited the town a ...Read full memory

Not Strictly Ashby : )

Willesley Close was the centre of the universe for the first twelve years of my life from 1959. The garden enclosed twenty yards of the old railway embankment and featured ...Read full memory

Bells, Graves And Wood Pigeons

I lived at 11 Church Lane with my sister Anne and parents, John and Barbara Mawson, until 1978. It was my grandfather's house (William Henry Cazaly) that he bought in ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Joy Connell

What A Sight Fore Sore Eyes

I was a farm hand at Whitley Bridge and was for that day a tractor driver. My job was to pull a trailer down a row of rhubarb roots which had been pulled out onto the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bubwith by Roland Mitchell

Living On A Houseboat In Poole Harbour

My mother Elizabeth and my father, Graham Thomson, lived on a houseboat in Poole harbour during 1950 and 1951. I was a baby and they had to move to dry land when I ...Read full memory

A memory of Poole by Nicole Thomson

School Life Living In Bilsthorpe

My earliest memory was at the age of 5. I vividly remember sqeezing through the school railings at the bottom of my garden to go to school. My teacher was a lady ...Read full memory

A memory of Bilsthorpe by Peter Waby

Carole's Memories.

I was born in the house that lays back just out of view in this photo. The house was built in 1954 and our family were the only people to live there up until my father's death in ...Read full memory

A memory of Peasmarsh by Carole Watson

Anns Cafe

We used to hang around the street but mostly the cafe. There was Pete Lea, Jim Peason, Dennis Buckley and some stunning girls - Jannis, Orial and a few more whos names escape me. We sat in ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by John Stubbs

Post War Tooting

I was born in Dorset in 1940, my mother living there as an army wife. My name then was Gorringe. We returned to my grandmother's house in Freshwater Road at the end of the ...Read full memory

Egremont Shore And Prom

How many of you have fond memoires of times spent on the shore and along the prom. Who got hot water from the cafes along the bottom of Tobin Street. Do you remember the bands ...Read full memory

A memory of Egremont by Jess Pearce

As It Was

I left Walsall at the age of fifteen, at the time of the date of this picture. I loved the trolley buses and watching the trolley conductor change the rails. I remember the Bridge well, as ...Read full memory

A memory of Walsall by Terry King

Sunday School In A Contractors Hut.

In 1953 my father worked as a builder contractor and was persuaded to allow the new vicar, the Rev .Lawrence, to hold Sunday school in a temporary bricklayer's ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by John Gates

My Childhood Days Brynna Boy

8 Southall Street /16 Tan-y-Bryn. We, the Brynna Boys, used to run to school, Mr & Mrs Davies Head Master and thei two daughters, strict and friendly, firm and kind. I can ...Read full memory

A memory of Brynna by Gary Edwards

Newburn Shops

As I told you, in Millfield there was only one shop, 'Jacksons', and two houses, Sewells and Gribbles, both in Victoria Terace where they turned their front parlour into shops. Sewells ...Read full memory

A memory of Newburn by Jimmy Burrows

Once An Idyllic Dorset Village.

Since about the 1960s, Child Okeford became a totally different community from the one I first got to know in the early 1930's. The Watts (Harry and Dorothy) had ...Read full memory

East Harling, Audrey Hudson

I came to E.H. in 1947 when I was 2 yrs old, and lived in Gallants Lane - opposite Fen Lane. Audrey Hudson used to organize the village children for the St John's ...Read full memory

The Happiest Days Of My Life.

I have the fondest memories of Caister on Sea. We used to have a week there every year and my sister and I were the only kids in our street that had a holiday every ...Read full memory

''The Grapevine'' And Others!

My uncle, the late William John Wilcox, was the proprietor of the 'Grapevine' from the mid 1930s through to the early 1960s. I remember it as a truly old fashioned 'pub' complete ...Read full memory

A memory of Meare by Barrie R Collins

The Footpaths In Old Bursledon

Old Bursledon was a wonderful and relatively safe place to grow up in. My sister and I, used to spend hours wandering along the many footpaths that criss cross the area ...Read full memory

A memory of Old Milton by Helen Carter


I spent several holidays in a chalet with long verandah which was one of the first on the right just after a burnt out house and just before the caravans started in Mill Lane during the late ...Read full memory

A memory of Selsey by Sandy Chitty

Pretty Little Ainstable

I was brought up in the white cottage mid-left, by the roadside, by my grandparents. The Crown Inn at the middle of the picture in the distance was run by Jim and Winnie Tuer, ...Read full memory

A memory of Ainstable by Kate Walker

The Meakin Family

My grandparents, George and Clarinda Meakin lived in Vernon Avenue, I visited regularly. Grandad put up a ladder at their back wall so I could climb over into the park. My mum was ...Read full memory

A memory of Old Basford by Joyce White

Childhood Memories In The 1970's

My maternal grandparents lived in Palmers Green - firstly in Elmdale Road close to what is now the North Circular and then moving to Wentworth Gardens off Hedge ...Read full memory


I must have been one of the first on the training ship because I thought it was 1954 I was there, but if it is recorded as c1955 who am I to argue! I was there training for the merchant ...Read full memory

A memory of Sharpness by Colin Friend

Corn Exchange

Before the railways (railroads) came, there was no particular reason why people in Bristol, England should keep the same time as people in London. At that time there was no practical ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Dear Dear Old Kingsbury

Oh so many memories! Where does one start? Looking at this photo I remember the milk dispensing machine outside the Express Dairy shop. I think it was 6d you'd put in, and ...Read full memory

The Train That Crossed The Street

From my childhood in Welshpool in the 1940s and 50s I have fond memories of the little steam train which crossed over Church Street, originally on a daily basis then ...Read full memory

A memory of Welshpool by Patricia Owen

Visiting Maescynon

My grandparents lived in Maescynon for many, many years.  I have fond memories of going up the farm for fresh eggs.  Walking with my Nana to help her at the co-op and then ...Read full memory

A memory of Hirwaun by Clare S

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