Favourite Memories

1942 At 14 Years Old My Life Changes

After our family home in Trafalgar Avenue, Peckham was damaged by the 'blitz' for the 3rd time, my mother decided enough is enough. She got in touch with her sister who lived in the country (South Norwood) ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Royhenry Knight

Newburn Shops

As I told you, in Millfield there was only one shop, 'Jacksons', and two houses, Sewells and Gribbles, both in Victoria Terace where they turned their front parlour into shops. Sewells was run by Anne Veitche's mother, a nice ...Read full memory

A memory of Newburn by Jimmy Burrows

The Schools On Fire !!!

My father was demobbed in 1946 and soon we moved from Grandma's house in Elstree to a brand new prefab in Eldon Avenue. It was the spring of 1947, one of the coldest on record with deep snow into March. Borehamwwod was ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by John Gates

Halfway House

I lived in Halfway House, Common Road, Great Wakering (near Potton Island), from 1957 to 1963. I lived there with my parents, two sisters and three bothers, all older than me. The primary school was a small red brick ...Read full memory

The Flying Fortress Crash

I remember, during the war, two flying fortresses crashed in Hordon. One came down near the Half Way House, the other one in a field in Chiderditch behind the pub. They were returning from a bombing raid on ...Read full memory

Lancaster Road.

Henry Waits the butchers, small shops that sold sweets from a jar and fireworks. Penny for the guy, small children waiting at bus stops with the 128, 231 and 144B to try and pry a penny towards fireworks. Girlfriend (Rose Gritty) ...Read full memory

A memory of Enfield by Roger Davis

Bath Time

My memories of bath times goes back to when Mum would once a week fill the copper again, in the corner of the scullery. The copper was built of bricks if I remember, with a tin liner, below was an opening, where you would light a ...Read full memory

A memory of West Ham by Joan Doble

School Days

I grew up in Woodhouse Eaves and my siblings and I went to the school in this picture. This is of St Paul's junior school and if my memory is correct it had four classrooms, and the headmaster's office was in the building ...Read full memory

Burnt Oak In The Second World War And After

I moved to Burnt Oak in May 1940, to 84 Fortescue Road. I was 4. My memories are like a batch of video clips, as follows: Moving in. Removal men trying to get a wardrobe into the front bedroom by ...Read full memory

First Day Of School

First Day of School Arriving at Egham Hythe Infants School, aged 5, and being placed in the care of Mrs. Spenser. There I remained for one entire term. Most of the faces in the classroom were new. Some of the names heard for ...Read full memory

A memory of Egham by Keith O'brien

'The Annie'.

The owner was my grandfather George Rowe. My father, his son, was born in Tenby in 1905 and died in late 1999 aged 93 years. You might be interested to learn that the boat (M26) in the middle of your picture was called ''The Annie'' and ...Read full memory

A memory of Tenby by Pat Devlin

Norwood Green

I was born in Norwood Green in 1939. I also went to Clifton Road school. We were bombed regularly as the anti aircraft guns were in Osterly Park behind our house which was also opposite St Marys Church. Two Italian prisoners ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by Rosemary Kind

Spaldwick Windmill The Belton Family

The Belton family has a long association with Spaldwick as millers, witnessed by a hill being in the family name, (O.S. map 153), just north of the village. My mother's sister Violet Bass, from nearby ...Read full memory

A memory of Spaldwick by Paul Digby

Our Childhood Above The Shop

We moved into the parade of shops in 1938. Our father opened a green grocery and florist shop at No16 I think? I recall that although the war years were devestating to many people I recall many fond memories ...Read full memory

A memory of Chipstead by Brian Silk

Church Going In The 1960's

As local village children we used to walk from Fairy Cross meeting other children from the council houses along the way and wind our way through  the narrow lane, sometimes picking wild strawberries in summer - ...Read full memory

A memory of Alwington by Derek England

Growing Up In The 1960's

We lived in Headon's Cottage, Fairy Cross - it had been an old German doctor's cottage in the 1700s, a Doctor Wacerill who is buried in St. Andrew's churchyard,  and his faded plaque was still above the front door ...Read full memory

A memory of Alwington by Derek England

Summers Holidays Were Invented For Fishing

I remember as a small kid growing up in England I couldn't wait for the summer holidays to arrive.  As the days drew closer I could hardly sleep at night knowing that any day now we would be ...Read full memory

Family Day Out Clerkenwell To Caterham 1925

The above photo depicts Dorothy Connor (nee Step) aged 10, with her late Mother Elizabeth Step (aged 46) and her Sister, Florence Step (aged 21) having alighted from the 159a Bus which brought them ...Read full memory

Ashtead Resident Finds Herself In 1925 Caterham Bus Photo

The above photo is the pond which is close to Dorothy Connor's current home in Glebe Road, Ashtead. This area has not changed so very much since the time the Frith photo was taken in ...Read full memory

My Days In Northwich

I was born in Northwich in 1966, however I moved here to Lancashire in 1980 but I still consider time in Northwich as being the best days of my life. I moved here when I was 14, I lived in Greenhall Road and my best friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Northwich by Vicky Wood

Back To Windsor

I've been here - to this very spot, with the precious women of my life - my Mom when I was a child, and with my children when they were women.  How can it be that it looks exactly the same in 1890, 1971 and 2001?  I can ...Read full memory

A memory of Windsor by Kelly Mitchell

The Old Becoming New!

I arrived in Weaverham in one of its transition periods. ICI had built many houses to house its workers in all the surrounding villages including Weaverham. So Weaverham had already transformed in a way when I got there, ...Read full memory

A memory of Weaverham by David Yates

Happy Memories

We used to live in the grounds of Riddings House in the cottage to the left of the main house. The two cottages used as accommodation for the head and assistant gardeners. I used to go with my dad up into the clock tower to ...Read full memory

A memory of Riddings

Abbotsham School In The 1960's

Growing up at Fairy Cross, Alwington and as our village school had closed in the late 1950s we had to catch the school bus daily morning and afternoon to Abbotsham Primary School. (Shown in the centre back of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Abbotsham by Derek England

Family Shop

My Nan and Grandad often took myself and my twin sister to visit his mother and brother in Blackheath (Lamb Lane) and to their local shop. Wow, sweets galore! Lovely smelling cooked meats, it was great! I always remember the walk ...Read full memory

Saturday Jobs

My first job as a Saturday girl (1974) was working at a newsagents called Jarman's on the right of this photo on the corner of the road which led to the police station and infants school Darley Dene. I remember having to weigh ...Read full memory

A memory of Addlestone by Karen Rogers

Bank Of England Printing Works At Debden

I was priviledged to be given a guided tour of the Bank of England Printing Works at Debden. I had just started work at the Bank in the City in 1963 and my tour formed part of the induction process for ...Read full memory

The Golden Farmer

I used to live in Maultway North - the turning directly to the right of the Jolly Farmer - in the mid 1980's, so I have hazy memories of the pub as a customer. But I remember feeling the place to be cut off from the rest of ...Read full memory

A memory of Camberley by Julian Hight

Australians On The Cut 1975

Having left Australia on an open-ended working holiday to England in January, 1974 with my girlfriend, it was hard to imagine that within six weeks of arriving in London we'd be living on a leaky old narrow ...Read full memory

Selmes Butchers

I remember being sent to Selmes the Butchers to buy my Mother Mrs Dora Maynard, cuts of meat. The floor was covered in sawdust and there was a little cashiers office at the end of the counter. It always had a very friendly ...Read full memory

Happy Motoring

I believe the white building to the centre left in picture is the Thompson & Taylor garage. I worked there briefly (about 1 year), the manager then was a Huw Edwards? I think, but the name of T & T was very well known in motor ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by Vee Williams

Fox's At Skindles

Ah - so someone else was at Fox's at Skindles? I was there too, quite a lot with my boyfriend (now husband), we've been married since 1981. We used to go and see the bands, Budgie, Thin Lizzie - music so loud it would ...Read full memory

This Lovely Old Building

I lived in Mirador, the road where this pub, the Shaggy Calf, stood. It was a lovely building, it should never have been pulled down. The landlord then, was a tall well built man with a tash (very smart), his wife wore ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Adriene Galea

Round The Rec

Hi there I remember the day that this engine arrived in the rec. It was a source of great entertainment for us youngsters particulary, as originally everything was accessible. I remember climbing up on the footplate and seeing a ...Read full memory

A memory of Daventry by Dave Cairns

Pretty Little Ainstable

I was brought up in the white cottage mid-left, by the roadside, by my grandparents. The Crown Inn at the middle of the picture in the distance was run by Jim and Winnie Tuer, and I was friends with their daughter Ruth. ...Read full memory

A memory of Ainstable by Kate Walker

The Village Bobbies' Car

My late father, Tom Jenkinson, was the village policeman in Repton from the early 50's until near his retirement in 1973. This photograph shows his car parked with others by the Arch. The old Ford Squire 60ARB.. I was very ...Read full memory

A memory of Repton by Shelagh Barlow

Vale Of Health Hotel

My great grandfather Henry Braun owned the Vale of Health Hotel (shown in the right of this photo) overlooking the lake, from 1877 until the early 1900's. The hotel was used as an Anglo German club called the Athenaeum ...Read full memory

Lunchtime Bopping In Leeming Road.

Does anybody remember the radio shop which also sold records and record players? They used to play the modern hits over a loudspeaker in the doorway and it wasn't long before pupils from Lyndhurst school ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by John Gates

Walk Down To The Bay

We used to walk down to Red Wharf Bay on the first night at my aunt's who had a house in the village at the bottom of the steep hill called Journeys End. It was wonderful to go to the paddly bridge as we called it and ...Read full memory

Childhood Holidays

My gran bought 3 caravans in 1957 which were on the caravan site at Lower Largo.  My parents, brother, me, my aunt, my uncle and their 2 children all spent all our holidays there - summer, easter, bank hols, etc. Us ...Read full memory

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