Abercwmboi, The Phurnacite Plant c.1955

Photo ref: A190001

Memories of Abercwmboi

My grandmother had cousins who live in Abercwmboi, and my Uncle Bill Jackson visited there in WW2 and he told me that he had stayed with my grandma's relations -- he was called " Owen's the Post" -- and that is all I know -- can anyone help??? I would love to have contact and did write to "the postmaster" but got no reply. (...Read full memory)

I have just seen a website comment from M Hayward, I remember the shop well. I lived in Graig Terrace, and often used the shop to buy magic Orange Maid lollipops, I would like to hear more from people who used to live in Abercwmbo in the 1950s and 1960s. Regards, Ann Griffiths

I was born in 9 Graig Terrace, Abercwmboi at my grandparent's house; Charles William and Elizabeth Mary Davies. My mother was Christabel Viola Davies, (married name Mills). We moved to Penwaun when I was 6 months old, and from 1952 moved to Chute village in Wiltshire. I spent Christmas and many (...Read full memory)

We used to live in 3 Cromer Street, with my Dad's Uncle Bert. If memory serves, Bert used to work at the Phurnacite Plant, but my overriding memory is of him selling 'Corona' pop from the house. He must have had a franchise of some sort, as there were always crates of the stuff under the stairs and a 'Corona' lorry used to (...Read full memory)

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