Abersoch, St Tudwal's Hotel 1901
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Photo ref: 47009
Photo of Abersoch, St Tudwal's Hotel 1901

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One of Abersoch's many hostelries, this establishment is now St Tudwal's Inn. St Tudwal (Tugdual) was a Breton, who escaped the fall of Rome in the 6th century and landed on the small islands a little offshore. A ruined chapel is said to be the remains of an oratory he founded. Abersoch was not just a centre for visitors - there were lead mines nearby.

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Fond memories of Summer 1970. I was sixteen, had just taken my ‘O’Levels in Bramhall, Cheshire, (back then Abersoch was known as Bramhall-by-Sea, perhaps it still is?). I had snared a Summer job as a lowly kitchen porter at The Vaynol Hotel . I already knew the village courtesy of annual family hols at The Warren – back then The Warren had old-world charm, narrow meandering sandy tracks leading to ...see more
My sister and I worked at the hotel as chambermaids and in the bar and kitchen we slept at the top of house in an attic room I wrote letters home to a boy who came to visit called Pip and we had so much fun we later worked at tarantella making milkshakes I was 19 we remember a boy called Rob We would love to visit the new hotel.
I am Ian Robinson and I worked at Land and Sea and then the Tarantella in 1965 with a guy called Rob Smedley the Tarantella was managed by a Mrs Olwyn Robinson and I think the owner was called Preston though I am not too sure of that. Does anyone know what happened to Rob Smedley I would very much like to know.
vaguely remember a few nights in the white house in 1968 ..any names pot luck..friend who worked in the warren....Janice...