Aldershot County High School For Girls - a Memory of Aldershot.

I finished school at A.C.H.S. in mid-summer of 1950. I know it has been torn down for housing, but cannot remember the name of the street it was on. We rode the bus from Cove, when we got off the bus in Cove we would meet the kids coming from the secondary modern school in Cove. They hated us because we wore school uniforms and they threw stones at us. Back then one had to pass what was called the scholarship to attend the High School, I believe that was at around age 10. If you did not pass you went on to the secondary modern school, I live in the U.S.A. now and understand all that has been done away with. I remember I was terrified when I took the scholarship, even at that age I knew I had to pass. My sister went to A.C.H.S. ahead of me and my brother went to Farnborough Grammar School. But it was a fun life, gone forever now.

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Fri Feb 23rd 2018, at 6:26 pm
Yes, we held Miss Martin in awe! I now wish I had taken that education more seriously. What did sink in this thick skull stayed with me. The drilling of the French lessons stood me in good stead as I was able to pick up Spanish quite easily. Much needed here in South Texas! ACHS was a truly good school!
Fri Feb 23rd 2018, at 6:21 pm
I Remember having to go to see Miss Martin in her study. Do not remember why. I can still see the carpet in front of her desk and it's pattern. I must have stood there with my eyes on the ground! Does anyone remember the name of the young gym teacher? She had short curly hair. We all scored her as she was not stuffy like most of our teachers. My friends at ACHS were Frances Day, Daphne Bailey, Shelia Brooksbank and Pamela Blunden.
Thu Jul 20th 2017, at 7:59 pm
pat.brandwood commented:
I went to Aldershot County High school 1945-1950 I remember Misis Martin headmistress as strict but very fair. The excellent education the school gave me was a life saver. I have searched for some of my class mates but not found any. Pat (Stone)
Fri Jun 2nd 2017, at 11:12 am
jokelly015 commented:
Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, that school gave us a wonderful education and to this day, I realise we were taught to know something about most things. I too remember Miss Martin who was headmistress throughout my years there and she was held in awe and to be sent to her study for a misdemeanor was terrifying. Yes, I too remember the walking pairs to the lower Highfield Road playing field, complete with hockey stick. We used to walk through the town in pairs too to Speech Day at a cinema and we had to be an example to the town......
Fri Mar 24th 2017, at 8:21 am
g.colbourn commented:
I started at ACHS when I was 10, after passing the 11 plus. I also went to Cove Junior School, Mr Greig was head.. My journey to school was on the 3D, 3B or 76 Bus, from Minley, to the Bus station. Then a walk of a mile or so, over the railway bridge, up the hill passed St Josephs Primary school, taking in Paula's or Johnsons on the way. Miss Martin was there for my first year, after that it was Miss Marsten. I was there when the 'new' building was built on what was the playing field, it was a terrific building, new canteen, hall, stage, gymnasium, grand piano, music rooms and practice rooms. I also remember walking down Highfield Avenue, scantily clad in the winter, for hockey! There was a real spirit to that old school, I enjoyed my time there, made lots of good friends, sadly my best friend, Marilyn Blades, died 3 years ago. I was quite naughty, but I left ACHS with a really good education.
Sun Feb 28th 2016, at 2:58 pm
Mrs J A Smith commented:
I attended Aldershot High in the early 1950 s , the Headmistress was a Miss Martin who frightened the life out of us , she glided everywhere in her long black cloak . I was then one of the Four Musketeers and we all passed the 11 plus and went from Cove Junior School. Main achievement was chalking a hop scotch square on the playground . As you can imagine Miss Martin was really thrilled !!
Sun Jan 31st 2016, at 6:08 am
joycemghandour commented:
Fri Apr 3rd 2015, at 7:50 am
roz2459 commented:
The school was on Highfield Avenue

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