Funfair At Manor Park Aldershot

A Memory of Aldershot.

I was born in Aldershot in 1950, went to Newport road infants/primary school then on to Manor Park Secondary Modern school. The first year though had to go to North Camp Buller Barracks as there was no room until Heron Wood school was finished and the boys all went there leaving Manor Parks a girls school. In the summer of 1964 as usual the Fun Fair came to Manor Park and I met my first love. I was mad about the "Waltzer" and go on it time and time again - till my money ran out. They used to have a couple of guys who would go round spinning the cars and he was one of them. He walked me home and met my mum as she was out looking for me as it was late. He asked if he could take me to the pictures on Sunday (the Fair was always closed Sunday's) and she said it was ok. I was surprised as he was obviously a lot older than me, he told me he was 27 and I was 14. He was known as Jock but his real name was Walter Main Beck (he wrote me a letter once and this was how he signed) he said he was from Falkirk. Anyway I used to see him most days as I walked through the park to and from school. When the fair left he stayed in Aldershot and worked on the dust carts as they were known. I was crazy in love with him and to this day remember him with love. But, he broke up with me after about a year and then he disappeared. I wonder if there is anyone who might have known him and maybe have a photo of him and know what happened to him

With thanks to joycemghandour for this memory of Aldershot

Added 01 February 2016


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I remember Manor Park when it was co-ed.(1957 - 1960) The English teacher we had was Miss Mable Brooks.She may have retired before you got there. A tyrant on the outside, but when you got to know her she was OK.
Used to go to the fair every June. Took my girlfriend there on our first date..5 years later we were married.Loved all the latest pop tunes they played while on the Waltzer.Salad days. Kevin
Miss Brooks was still there, she was only tiny but could be quite a force to reckon with. I had 4 sisters that all went there before me as I was the youngest, Mrs Parry was another I feared as one of my sisters was quite a trouble maker and she remembered her and I seemed to bear the blame for her. Anyway as you say at the fair they always played the latest pop music and I enjoyed that too. Happy days. Joyce

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