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Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories

The photo 'Alnwick, the Castle and River Aln c1955' appears in this book.

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Caption for Alnwick, the Castle and River c1955: One of the five great fortresses of Northumberland, Alnwick fell into ruins owing in part to the fate of the Percy family and the destruction wreaked by Cromwell's troops. On the death of the eleventh Earl in 1670 the earldom became extinct. An 18th- century female descendant of the last earl married Sir Hugh Smithson, who changed his name to Percy and was created Earl of Northumberland in 1750 and first Duke of Northumberland in 1766. It was this Hugh Percy who set about restoring Alnwick to its former glory, commissioning Robert Adam to supervise the decoration and Capability Brown to lay out the grounds. Further alterations and rebuilding was carried out during the 19th century.

An extract from Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories.

Memories of Alnwick

Hi Pete, we still have, in our family, a much loved painting of Dunstanburgh Castle which we bought from you for 7 pounds one night in the Birdcage ! You won't remember me but I married David from the Nags Head! Found this site when looking for paintings by you. Missed one at auction recently. The Dunstanburgh one has always been treasured. Happy days !!! Sue

I think it was 1972, when I was hitchhiking north to Scotland and stranded in Alnwick late in the evening. I sat with my girlfrend at the well on a kind of marketplace thinking 'bout a place to sleep. Later a nice guy with a dog came around and talked with us. He fortunately invited us to stay at his home for the (...Read full memory)

I am interested in anyone having memories of the Bird Cage Club in Alnwick. I ran the club in partnership with Stuart Manly (now owner of Barter Books in Alnwick). I would be interested if you have any photographs taken inside the club. I only have two photographs. I would be interested to know if you saw any bands, singers, attended any interesting nights etc etc. Regards, Peter Mc Dermott

I spent my national service 1955/1956 in nearby RAF BOULMER and though many years have passed since i still recall very happy memories of days and nights in Alnwick and of the people there who were some of the nicest friendly people i have ever met before or since.My most vivid memories, seeing i was only 18years old at the (...Read full memory)

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