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Memories of Alton, Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Nurses Home c1955

I was a patient in this hospital in 1955 when I was ten years old. There were very caring nurses and also a hospital school which helped me immensely during my stay of about two months. At that time I believe it was named The Lord Mayor Treloar hospital for Crippled Children. Not very "P C" by 21st century standards of (...Read full memory)

Hi My name is Nina. I was in the Treloar Hospital during the end of world war two.  I went in when I was 10 and came out on March 30th 1945.  I remember being on the terrace while the blitz was on, what else could they do, most of us were in bed.  The doctors and nurses were very good to me.  I had club feet and peaus cavis (hope (...Read full memory)

i was in the hospital as a patient for nearly two years, as a six year old boy, i had quite a good time considering i was far from home(portsmouth),the nursing staff were brillient,how they put up with us boys god knows,our schooling was good fun as well,i will always remember nurse johns bless her, she had so much time for (...Read full memory)

I was in the hospital for two & a half years. I was in a plaster case with straps all the way from top to bottom. I was on my back through the night & in the mornings the nurses would turn me so I could see the other children. I made lots of friends while I was there & all the nursing staff & doctors were great. (...Read full memory)

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