Amble, Queen Street 1955

Memories of Amble

I would just like to ask if anyone remembers Mrs Lungren of 10 Leazes Street, Amble? She lived there around the 1940s.

My memory of Mrs Lungren is very cear as she was my dads sister making her my Aunt Memories of Alf are still with My second cousin young Eddie and myself collecting timber from swarland saw mill when a German aircraft straff Amble we did?nt Know what was happing till saw the the top of the Wynd David Beaty

My grandma Annie Moody lived in Amble as a child. She was born in 1897 but I think they lived somewhere else first, but she and her parents are on the 1901 cencus as living in Amble. My mother (her daughter) Mary Maddison nee Stewart has many happy memories of visiting her granny and grandad there too. Before 1966 when I and my family (...Read full memory)

I remember my first day at school as being just awful. After the initial shock I then enjoyed being at school. At that time we lived near Amble Junction. I also remember prior to starting school I slipped on the ice and broke my right femur. Apart from some mishaps I enjoyed that time of my life.

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