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I was born in ashford in 1953, lived there until 1973, went to the open air pool as soon as I was allowed, during the school summer holidays they ran a morning, afternoon and early evening session, and we made sure we went to every one, every day, it was a fabulous place, although we didn't (...Read full memory)

I lived in Ashford from 1946 -1955 when we moved to Australia,family name then was Jarvis. I lived in Rosary Gardens and caught the bus from the bus stop outside the church in this photo to Sunbury St.Ignatious primary school. High school was Gumley House Isleworth and the bus stop then was outside 'The Hearts of Oak' now known I believe as 'The Oaks'

I went to Ashford Grammar School and before that Echelford. We used to go to that freezing cold swimming pool!. We had to jump in. I lived in Manor Road opposite the golf course. My sisters and brother and our friends spent many hours playing on the golf course, climbing trees, finding golf balls and selling (...Read full memory)

Mr Morgan had a yellow and black cab - most unusual

I was born in 1950 and lived the first twenty years of my life in Acklam Road, off the Portobello Road, North Kensington. Although a deprived area, we were always happy and never ill. Does anyone else have fond (or otherwise) memories of North Kensington during this (...Read full memory)

I knew a Michelle Wheeler of Clockhouse Lane who went to Echelford (spelling?) School 1949 - 1953. I was born in Chattern Road, Ashford in March 1942 and left Ashford Grammar at dead on 15 in 1957. Now a widower living in Gosport. My late sister, Pat Langley, was also at Ashford County but a couple of years before me. Happy days (except for the cane!)

I was born in a tiny house on Clock House Lane (the youngest of nine) and spent many happy hours playing over on "the rec". My brothers played soccer, and we all played tennis, and went putting on the miniature golf course. We also played on the swings a lot.

Moved to the Grammar School in 1949 from St.Annes - my brother,Frank Blagrove, was already there. Do you remember the film shows run by Mr Phillips? Entry was one penny. Blyth Spirit with Margaret Rutherford, has been on the television several times recently - that brings back memories. Unfortunately, grammar (...Read full memory)

I was only a few years old, when we moved into White Lodge, the station house, as shown in the picture, I loved the sound of the trains stopping & starting at the platforms, the house used to shake, it was certainly a novelty, our family consisted of 4 siblings, & mum & Dad, & (...Read full memory)

I would love to see a photograph of Clarendon Road School, on its original site, before it was replaced by homes. Does anyone have any Internal or external?