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Billy Benson here. I now live in Victoria Australia, but I grew up in Aveley and lived at 5 Crescent Walk. Loved the pictures of the local shops and the old town. My family moved to Australia in 1963. I have been back since on a few occassions. I remember Bushy Bit and my best friend was Michael Curtin who has now (...Read full memory)

Moved usk rd 1960 left 1970 71 memorys friends people who lived in area great child hood freedom great schools kenningtons inf and jrs mrs docking,, headmasters mr and mrs winofred ,, green open spaces people talked people cared cows getting in gardens men mending cars on sundays if you need it ask so so (...Read full memory)

I attended Sunday School here throughout my childhood, I was married here on 3rd April 1954 and son Stephen was christened here in 1955, I was also bridesmaid many times in this church. I used to also put flowers on the grave of my best friends sisters with my friend. Rev Ovendon was a great vicar he published (...Read full memory)

I am not a native of Aveley. I was born in Barking and spent most of my childhood in Dagenham. My father's sister and her husband moved to South Ockendon (Gatehope Drive) when I was very young. Every Sunday we would travel to see the 'out in the sticks' relatives. If we didn't go by van as a family, I would go on my own (...Read full memory)

I was christened there in 1960, we lived on Myrtle Grove and my Nan lived in the old Lennard House

Does anyone remember the petrol station being built on the corner of Mill Road where it joins Purfleet Road around 1969/1970. An Esso station now I think, but then it was ABCO - (with a big orange and black triangular logo) I worked for Alan Pond Group at the time. The company was a pioneer in introducing self-service petrol (...Read full memory)

There've been about 2 feet of snow out there and it's about minus 10 deg, so I thought I'd stay in the warm and catch up on what everyone's been saying and better understand/manipulate - sometimes not so easy - this website (I found messages I didn't even know I'd received!). So I hope this appears properly. I found (...Read full memory)

After reading Colin's memories of Aveley. Took me back to 1956 when we bought our first house in Alfred Road, came under Mill Road Estate. We remember this place so well, it was where our second son was christened in St Michael Church, that was 1959, he was born in 1958. Our eldest son went to Aveley's (...Read full memory)

Born under a table in the front room of No.7 Hall Road on 16/7/1944 while an air raid warning sounded to herald the German V1s presence above. I attended Aveley Infants and Primary schools between 1949 and 1955 and then Aveley Sec.(Bushy Bit) from 1955 until 1959. My teachers were Ms Pentany and Ms (...Read full memory)

When my grandfather, Arthur Andrew Rush, proprietor of the Old Ship Pub in Aveley, died he left Lennard House and the surrounding land + two red brick cottages fronting onto Park Lane, to my Mother, Lilian Gough. Granddad Rush had previously built in about 1949/50, two bungalows adjacent to Lennard house, One "Meadow (...Read full memory)