A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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The station, on the branch line from Sutton to Epsom Downs, opened in 1865, and the white stuccoed house, now a builder's offices, dates from around the same time. The small confectionery kiosk was one of a trio servicing the requirements of commuters, with other branches at Sutton and Epsom. The roof of the station no longer bears the white lettering, and the building is almost a mile from the town centre itself. The road almost immediately makes another sharp bend over the railway line below, before passing the Cuddington Golf Clubhouse and continuing on to East Ewell.

Memories of Banstead, the Station c1965

My brother Alec (12) and I (11) were at Beecholme from January to December 1956 we were orphans our parents died 7 months apart in 1955. We were in myrtle cottage changed to Willow cottage by the childrens vote I choose Willow and was very excited they picked it. We had 2 house Mothers that we called Auntie. We went to school outside the home. We have mostly very good memories, but a few bad. The children I remember ...see more

We usually came to Banstead woods in the 1950s and 60s by bus, but I remember using the train on one occasion. A little poodle dog had somehow got on to the line, and he just kept on running between the rails, so that the train had to slow down and just follow him. The guard tried to catch him but he was very elusive, but eventually the little dog ran out of puff and disappeared through the hedge. We had to laugh.

I was at the school from 1929/1939. My name is Stanley Thomas, I would like to be in touch with anyone who was there at the same time. When the Second World War broke out we were evacuated to Reigate, Surrey. I remember Reginald Boulton, David Seeley, William Lee, Cyril Seeley. If any of you are still about, please get in touch.  The head master was C L G Raynor, the house mother was a Mrs ...see more

I well remember Banstead station in the 1950's. I used it to go to school in Wallington from 1953 to 1959 and then to go to College and then to work in London. At this time I lived in Nork and of course in those days the trains were all steam trains. My father used to go to work by train in the 1940's and always said that at 8.00am , standing on the platform waiting for the London Bridge train, you could hear ...see more

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