Barking, Blakes Corner 1968

Memories of Barking

Hi. Can anyone confirm if there were prefabs on dagenham avenue. Thanks

I was born in Upney Hospital in 1950, my first home was Blatchford Close, in the Prefabs, Ripple Road opposite the Cemetery, I have been searching for photos or information, but as yet have had no luck, hoping that someone might know of them. I moved to Thames View Estate in 1955, Barking was a great place to grow up (...Read full memory)

I was born in Barking Hospital in 1967 but my family moved into Upney House at Faircross in 1953 I believe, this may have been when these were first built. I have lots of memories of Faircross Parade, mostly of the different shops that came and went. To my knowledge, the branch of Bartons Barkers in the late 1970's became one of (...Read full memory)

I don't know when the issue was first posted. However, I grew up in Barking and remember both the old Regent cinema in Ripple Road (just) and when in became Regent's Market. Killwicks was in East Street and the furniture store in Ripple Road was Winch's (or Winch-es). My mum used to say that the Regent cinema was the worst in town!

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