Barking, East Street c.1955

Memories of Barking

The summer of 1959 goes down as the hottest in my memory. It started at the end of April and continued right through until the end of September. I was ten years of age that year and I spent most of that glorious summer hanging out with my pals over the outdoor pool in Barking Park. I remember bus drivers and conductors who (...Read full memory)

Growing up in the 50s and 60s in London's East End (well the Essex side of it). I was born on April 14th 1952 at Upney Hospital. I attended Northbury infants and junior schools and then went to Eastbury Secondary Modern. I worked in lot of the places described herein. I left Barking in my 20s for Southend and (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1936 so I am probably one of the oldest people with fond memories of Barking. I first went to Gascoigne School and can remember having to practise wearing a gas mask during the war- horrible smelly rubbery things. I am not sure what was worse being gassed by Hitler or wearing the gas mask. We had (...Read full memory)

My fourth set of memories carries on with shops in Barking. Previously I had recalled those along from Fanshawe Avenue to the station. Over the other side past Cambridge Road was Lloyds bank on the corner, my wife and I had a savings account there before we were married. Also in this block was (...Read full memory)

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