Barking, Eastbury House c.1955

Memories of Barking, Eastbury House c1955

Hi Susan the huts were located the side of the swimming pool and Barking Abey school thy previously been erected to house the soldiers who manned the guns the huts more level with the swimming pool and the guns in front up towards longbridge road. So when thy moved out there where a lot of people moved (...Read full memory)

i was 5 wen we came back from germany and were put into the nissan huts used during the war by royal artillery the guns were still there and me and my sister jenny used to play on them and turn the wheel and make them turn we left there and moved to north street next to the white hourse pub which is now on the other side of the road

i remeber one night walking from keith road over to the harrow pub to get some fags for me mum cos me dad was compere at most of the pubs around barking and as i walked past eatsbury house i saw wot i thought was a guy hanging from the scaffold but l8er found out it was a young man who had hung himslef cos of a break up with his long time girlfriend

I remember the shops in Barking very well when I was a child. One of my favourite shops was Bullies the Jewellers, you couldn't miss it because it had a great big clock flush with the pavement at the entrance. I used to dribble at the sight of all the jewels. The other shops were M&S by the swimming baths, and (...Read full memory)

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