Basildon, Town Centre c.1960

Memories of Basildon

Having moved at the horrid age of 13 years to Basildon from Hornchurch in the early 1960, I found the surrounding countryside a wee bit scary. Now I love the countryside and could never live in a town again and with that moved to the S.W. I hate Basildon because what started as country town ended up as a thug-filled town (...Read full memory)

i was one of the first pupils to enter woodlands .i had moved to basildon in 1955 from ilford .went to swan mead, then manor,then at woodlands till leaving at 15yrs old

Mr. Whippy ice cream factory in cranes farm road. Before this road was build we used to go up Whitmore way turn left at church road and come out at York Shipley or walk across the jolly friar to get the bus.. who remembers ??. A 18 I got the job as barman at the LAINDON HOTEL, worked there for a year enjoyed it very (...Read full memory)

I remember going to this school not long after it opened, I went to school with a girl called Magdeline Wrenn who was my best friend at the time, unfortunately my parents decided to emigrate to Australia, and we left Tilbury Docks Xmas Eve 1960 arriving Australia Day January 26th 1961 though I have been back to (...Read full memory)

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