Beddington, Croydon Road 1958

Memories of Beddington

I used to walk to and from school up the path on the right. It has hardly changed even to this day.

My mom had the sweet shop on Croydon Road at Wallington Green. The fire alarm was sounded by Ken on his way home in the early hours after finishing his night shift. This was told to us, by Ken, at Mom’s sweet shop next day. Ken lived over the fish shop over the road from the Dukes Head. I went to see the damage (...Read full memory)

I too remember the fire and going to see the ruins the day after. I had previously gone there fairly regularly for speech therapy while I was at Holy Trinity Primary School. I vaguely remember the rather ornate internal wooden panelling. At the time of the fire I believe the building also housed a dental office, and (...Read full memory)

I well remember the rowing boats on the lake in Beddington Park. One end of the lake seemed quite dark and sinister, whilst the other was open and safe. I remember creaky oar locks and wooden hulls, and being called in when your time was up. Beddington Park was a large part of my childhood (...Read full memory)

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