Old Maps of Birkenhead

Historic Maps of Birkenhead and the local area.

Hi, my surname was Rivington and we use to live on the corner of Seymour Street and Holt Hill. Looked like the house of the Munsters 😁I was a real tomboy. Use to go to mersey Park primary then prenton high. I remember family names of Rimmer, Grace, King and McGrath. We use to play, 'war' in mersey Park. Hearing the hooter for cammel lards, Morgan ice creams on Church Road and lots more.

We lived at the corner of Cleveland St and Vittoria. My dad was a docker. Life wasn’t easy, but we had lots of mates and family in the area. My friends were the Hickmans from Vine St. Audrey Wilson Vittoria St. Pam & Lorraine Tomlinson from Livingstone St. I worked at the Falcon Laundry on the corner opposite our house from (...Read full memory)