Birmingham, Aston Hall 1896

Memories of Birmingham, Aston Hall 1896

Living not far from Aston Park we would often walk to the park to play and enjoy the fresh air. Aston Hall held a fascination for me and I was forever asking to go inside for a tour. I would go in when ever I could and I never tired of it. When I grew older and moved away I never forgot it and I have always kept happy (...Read full memory)

This area has many happy memories for me. My Mom and Dad, Nan and Granddad lived in Holte Road, my parents would take me to Aston Park in the summer, then I would sit on the wall of the Holte pub and enjoy some orange squash and crisps. This area holds a special place in my heart. Anita Crowter (nee Hopkins)

I went to Burcot Grange School until 1948. Miss Cozens was the Head Mistress. I remember Pam Madeley, Janet White, Betty Genders, Margaret Vale, Jill Trott, Joy Cavill, Ann Barnett who were all in my class. I wonder if anyone remembers? It was such a nice school. I'd love to get some feed (...Read full memory)

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