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West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

West Yorkshire Photographic Memories

The photo 'Bradford, Darley Street 1897' appears in this book.

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Caption for Bradford, Darley Street 1897: In the thirty years from 1880, Bradford's population doubled to nearly 300,000. The quality of life for the inhabitants continued to improve with the provision of many fine public buildings and parks. Darley Street was originally part of the gardens and orchards of the old manorial estate. By 1897 it was a very fashionable shopping area.

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Memories of Bradford

The Polish Community in Bradford did not have their own place of worship until they took over a building at Lansdowne Place, 29 St.Edmund Street, Bradford , with a twenty-one year lease. This Church was opened - consecrated - in March 1960. The name of the Parish and Church was 'Our Lady (...Read full memory)

I have recently been making an album for my father of his life story and he was saddened that we had nothing we could put in it of my brother who was taken to Bradford childrens hospital in November 1947 and died in January 1948.  There were no pictures taken in these circumstances in those days and although (...Read full memory)

My mum worked in Willey's wallpaper shop prior to the war and my dad worked in Morris's geocery shop. When dad joined up, mum took his job, so that dad would have a job to come back to. As mum became friendly with the Pie Shop owners, she would take me, when a child. I can remember the big steaming pie in the window. The owner bought me my forst teddy bear.

Were they happy years? I suppose they were, although we were very poor as kids we made the best of it, my memories were of the trams clattering up manchester road, which we used to take to go to the swimming baths from school. Wandering around Kirkgate Markets. Anyone remember the Giant Pie with steam (...Read full memory)

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