Memories of Bradford, the Children's Hospital 1897

I have recently been making an album for my father of his life story and he was saddened that we had nothing we could put in it of my brother who was taken to Bradford childrens hospital in November 1947 and died in January 1948.  There were no pictures taken in these circumstances in those days and although (...Read full memory)

In the 1960s and early 1970s I remember visiting the outpatient dept with the beautiful rocking horse and dolls house, I always looked forward to my appointments.

The memories of this then hospital has remained with me 64 years. I survived a very serious kidney operation. At the time I dont' think a young child had ever survived. The surgery had been tried before me. The kidney doctor was called Mr. Hamilton Stewart. The ward paediatrician was called Dr. Rosenbloom and a ward (...Read full memory)

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