A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

Other Memories from Bradford

memory of a very wealthy city. Beautiful shops- Brown Muffs, busbys, claydons, mathias robinson. Barclays bank international division was in Bradford but not in Leeds because the overseas dealings with all wool merchants and textile manufacturers meant foreign transfers and foreign money meant demands in expertise in the busiest city. Sadly times as ever change but memories do not. It still however has ...see more

I recall other far more sinister events which took place at number 82 Annesley Mount. I first became aware of these events in 1953 when the Sunday night discussion took on a hushed and serious tone. My understanding increased as the story was re-told in later years. The Polish priest who lived at the end of our row had disappeared. Just before 7p.m. on July 13th, 1953, Father Henryk Borynski, ...see more

I recall living at my grandparents' house at Annesley Mount from 1960 - 1966. .A formidable character lived at number 88 Annesley Mount, known to my grandparents as Parson Bullock. He shared the house with his wife and a lodger called Doris. He was the minister of a large Unitarian church in the centre of the city near Brown Muff’s. The church was demolished in 1969 as part of city centre ...see more

Worked on the 5th/6th floor of Central House for several years in the late 60s /early 70s for the Inland Revenue. The 7th floor was occupied by Commercial Union Insurance Company and the 3rd and 4th floors by Bradford Council. The building was largely glass and single glazed leading it to be far too hot in summer and too cold in winter. If you opened the windows it was very noisy from the traffic ...see more

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